Pop quiz

by YES! Staff

Pop quiz Q U E S T I O N S

Welcome to the YES! Weekly Pop Quiz, where we ask politicians and public servants questions about their jobs. This week we asked members of the Greensboro City Council about resolutions passed during the council’s regular meeting on Dec. The rules are simple: The elected official must answer the question immediately — no research, no callbacks.

1) Name three aspects to the energy management project approved at the Dec. 2 meeting? Extra credit: What is the estimated percentage reduction in the city’s energy use?

2) What is the architectural style of the Kress Building, approved as a city landmark on Dec. 2 by council?

3) How much money does City Manager Mitch Johnson make a year?

Mayor Yvonne Johnson

1) I know solar panels were one. Those air handling systems are another, and the other one, oh, was the air conditioning unit over near the Depot. Extra Credit: I always remember percentages; 28 percent. ( )

2) Architectural style… hmm… I don’t remember that. (X)

3) I think he makes $175,000, $172,000, somewhere in there. ( )

Robbie Perkins, at-large

1) For one, they’re gonna throw some solar panels onto the rook of MMOB. Two, they’re gonna replace the air-handling units that are 35 years or older in the big building downtown, MMOB. They’re also looking at an ice storage system that has the Depot running refrigerator

lines off of a couple city buildings to cut those energy costs. Extra credit: 28 percent. ( ) 2) I have no clue. Wait a minute. It’s one of the prime examples of… I almost want to say art deco. ( ) 3) $171,000, something like that. ( -)

Mary Rakestraw, at-large

1) It’s gonna be a money saver, and its going to be… hold on a second. I asked a question about replacing the light bulbs…. We’re gonna have to replace some of our old chillers and stuff like that, so we should be making a lot of money off of this. Extra credit: Oh gee, um, I don’t remember. I would have to guess since I don’t know. Between 60 and 75 percent, something like that. (X)

2)It’s an art-deco building. ( )

3) Too much. I will say, approximately $179,000. Am I close? ( )


1) The one-year contract with Potomac Electric Power stipulates energy-saving light fixtures in municipal buildings, new chillers in the Greensboro Cultural Center and the GPD Western Operations Center, LED lighting in city-owned parking decks, solar-powered hot water in five fire stations as well as Melvin Municipal Office Building, which will also get a new air handler Extra credit: 28 percent.

2) Art-deco.

3) $179,000 a year ($10,000 cushion)