Popular pig pleases plenty


The fame of Moo the Pig is rapidly growing, but according to owner Scarlett Parker, 10-pounds is as far as he’s going on the scales. “He’s a year old and full grown,” said the 21-year-old UNCG senior. “He is a Vietnamese Miniature Potbellied Pig and is very popular.”

Sitting outside of Common Grounds Coffee on Walker Avenue, a half dozen people have already come up to see Moo as he sits peacefully in Parker’s arms. Some are curious and move in slow, while others have already met Moo on one of his daily walks through the neighborhood.

Moo leans his head back and lets a fan rub his neck and gush about how cute he is.

“He loves this, most of the time,” said Parker. “He is so smart and much cleaner than a dog. Plus he has a great personality. He can make like 30 different sounds.

Bark like a dog, squeal, grunt etc. But he has a special sound he only does when he wants me.”

Today, Parker has him all dolled up in a pirate outfit. She is almost positive that go out trick-or-treating, but things can this is what he will be wearing when they change.

“We will see how cooperative he is wearing this,” she says. “But Halloween will be a lot of fun.”

When asked about any food allergies or things that could be ‘not so good’ for pigs, she chuckles. Oh right, he’s a pig.

Some of his favorite foods include spaghetti, mac & cheese, 2% milk and Clementine oranges.

“He loves pizza as well,” said Parker. “We usually order Pineapple and Ham, but we, of course, pull the ham of his slices. Oh…. and he can not have alcohol or caffeine.”

Nuzzling in to give Moo some more attention, Parker explains that after she graduates she plans to relax and take a year off.

“I want to go to medical school. I love watching surgical videos,” she said. “I want to work with a group like Doctors Without Borders, fix cleft pallets and help children. Ever since I was little I knew that was what I wanted to do.”