Preview: Luego, Mickey Avalon

by Heather MacIntyre

Good news: This Saturday night has choices for everyone, and for once, they’re all free.

Coffee? Good music? A more relaxed evening show, with room to stand and sit at the Green Bean? Durham’s southern folk-rock Luego (, and Benj-O-Matic ( will be sipping java with us. Luego, stopping through on their full East Coast tour, will be playing songs from their new album I Know, I Know. Greensboro’s Benj-O-matic jokes at genre-labeling and brand’s themselves “Southern death pop.” Together, the show will be something enjoyable to start your weekend night off with before the party starts.

Mickey Avalon and Endless Mic

For some, however, the party might have been earlier. Parental Advisory Warning: Around 4 p.m. a more unconventional hip-hop show will be at Guilford College involving Hollywood’s infamous Mickey Avalon (, and our very own Endless Mic ( Avalon’s most known for his unspeakable lyrics and outrageous performances that have everyone curious to see what he will do next. Find out for yourself. Opening the show, Endless Mic will be promoting the new mix tape that they want you to download for free ( – see reviews).

Philbog rock

Want to listen to Triad music, but leave the area for the night? Meet up with friends in Chapel Hill – there’s a free indie-rock show at the Philbog ( with Lake Inferior ( A few of the native Triad youngsters possess more mature vocal choices that show a likeness to artists like Placebo and Interpol. Recently, Lake Inferior has shared the stage with Merge recording artist the Rosebuds, and on this night, with Atlanta’s Fag Static (, as well as G’boro rockers, Wolverines (