Prissy Polly’s, a BBQ Joint You Need to Know

by Robert W. Pacheco

Upon arriving in North Carolina, two things were emphasized to me by the citizens that I must do. I was encouraged to pick a favorite Tobacco Road basketball team to root for, and I was obligated to try North Carolina BBQ.

I have yet to choose a favorite basketball team, but I can now say that I have developed a deep appreciation for BBQ thanks to Prissy Polly’s BBQ in Kernersville.

Being from California, where BBQ is a verb and not a noun, I have had trouble developing a proper appreciation for the signature North Carolina dish. Banana pudding was never served at Thanksgiving dinner, pork was vilified by the California health-nut food culture, and hush-puppies are a curious oddity to non-southerners.

I entered Prissy Polly’s due to a friend’s recommendation. I was seeking a non-chain restaurant in Kernersville, curious to see what the small business restaurant owners of this hamlet could offer.

What I found inside of this small building was a restaurant that has the ambiance of a family room, with food that seems like it was meticulously made by a matriarchal elder.

The dining room is a large open space, with witty sings, news clippings, and pennants from the local colleges plastered across its walls.

The personal touch of including headlines about local high school team’s successes over the years not only allows you to tap into local history while you wait for your food, but shows the appreciation and attachment this restaurant has to its town.

This type of personalization illustrates the care taken to reflect the culture of our region. The menu options can be overwhelming to someone unfamiliar with these items.

Eastern style BBQ is served alongside Lexington style. Hushpuppies and greens are staple sides, and banana pudding is the preferred dessert.

Several televisions line the dining room, inviting customers to catch up on news during a lunch break, and to stay for an ACC basketball game in the evenings.

Perhaps the best aspect of Prissy Polly’s is also its most unique offering, an entertainment option that I cannot remember finding in a small restaurant during my travels across this state.

On Thursdays and Saturdays each week Prissy Polly’s becomes a music venue with various local bluegrass musicians practicing their craft. However, this Thursday there was a scheduling conflict; a small event where a basketball team from a college in Durham played against a team from Chapel Hill. The dining room was alive as people watched the world’s best sports rivalry.

“I enjoy watching the game here rather than some sports bar,” said customer William Hall. “The people are always respectful and the setting is comfortable. Plus, the food is better.”

Prissy Polly’s is a quaint business. You can drive down Business 40 for years and never notice it.

But if you find yourself in Kernersville with a stomach growling like a rabid dog, try Prissy Polly’s.

“It’s more than a small business,” said Hall, “This isn’t a dining room, it’s a family room.” !


Prissy Polly’s is located at 729 NC Hwy 66 in Kernersville. They are open Monday through Saturday from 11am to 8:30 p.m. For more information visit or call 336-993-5045.