Fathom Events’ ongoing “Classic Music Series” will continue Tuesday with a special screening of director Alexander Young’s documentary feature R.E.M. by MTV at Greensboro Grande Stadium 16 (3205 Northline Ave., located in the Friendly Center) at 7:30 pm.

The film, which makes extensive use of archival footage from MTV’s vaults, follows the career trajectory of R.E.M., from the group’s humble beginnings in Athens, Georgia, through their chart-topping success on the basis of such (still-)popular tunes as “Radio Free Europe,” “Man in the Moon,” “Stand,” “Losing My Religion,” “What’s the Frequency, Kenneth?” “Everybody Hurts,” “The Great Beyond,” “Orange Crush” and countless more.

Along the way, R.E.M. scored Grammy greatness, achieved global super-stardom, were (most deservedly) inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2007, and remain one of the best-loved bands of the late 20 th century. Talent was a huge factor, but it also helped that the rise of R.E.M. coincided with the rise of MTV in the early 1980s. It could legitimately be said that MTV and R.E.M. “grew up” together. The band released its first single (the aforementioned “Radio Free Europe”) mere weeks before MTV hit the airwaves in early 1981.

During MTV’s early years, when the network concentrated on playing music videos (remember when?), R.E.M.’s videos were in heavy rotation. R.E.M. by MTV features clips from those videos, vintage interviews and concert footage, various television appearances (including interviews with Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart), and a lot of special tidbits for fans.

“Alexander Young’s documentary is a fine way to tell the story of R.E.M. through its various twists and turns, as captured in real time by MTV’s cameras – (and) it has some great funny bits, too!” enthused R.E.M.’s longtime manager Bertis Downs, in an official statement.

R.E.M. by MTV, which is presented by Fathom Events in partnership with Rhino Entertainment, marks the fourth event in the ongoing “Classic Music Series” of rockdocumentary screenings, following earlier presentations of Aerosmith Rocks Donington 2014 in February, Classic Music Series:

Led Zeppelin in March, and Grateful Dead Annual Meet-Up earlier this month.

“We are pleased to bring this event to select cinemas nationwide,” said Kymberli Frueh-Owens, vice-president of programming for Fathom Events, in an official statement. “R.E.M. by MTV is a fascinating documentary that perfectly traces not only the entire career of one of the most influential alternative rock acts, but (also) the network that changed how fans saw their favorite bands.”

After 30 glorious and melodious years, R.E.M. called it a day in 2011 – but the music and the group’s legacy will forever sustain in the hearts and minds of fans the world over.


R.E.M. by MTV will be screened at 7:30 pm Tuesday at Greensboro Grande Stadium 16, 3205 Northline Ave. Tickets are $16.01. (Yes, that’s the price.) For advance tickets or more information, check out The official R.E.M. website is