RENAE PAIGE: Songwriting is her escape

by Heather MacIntyre

Though it may be a common label, I don’t think there is a better description than “singer/songwriter” for this Triad born Southern woman. This same genre might categorize a lot of local solo artists, but I bet few of them have the same extensive experience as Renae Paige. She began voice and piano lessons very early in her elementary years. Since the young age of 10, Paige has composed 82 songs, and continues to conceive more. Songwriting is her escape from it all.

She believes it’s the portal to the creative outlet, and a maze that she can’t seem to ever find her way out of. Luckily, the maze has found Paige, in a positive light with her never-ending passion for music. “I don’t have a ‘writing style.’ I just let the words and melody pour out of my soul at will. Sometimes, I’ll be walking along and hear a cool little song playing in my head,” she says, “then I have to go to my guitar or keyboard immediately to get some kind of rough recording. I must capture the moment.” It’s very evident that her music is a spiritual experience, and that molding songs will always be a very personal tendency throughout her life. Because of this, it should be no surprise that she practices on her own a minimum of four days a week and, with her band, one more. And when it comes down to show time, her favorite place to present the public with these carefully constructed pieces of her art is the Garage (www.the Her short-term goal is pretty simple: She’s got the writing down; she just wants to start booking more live shows and get her music out there, and eventually record her second album. As for dreams, hers is to watch a single a self-made hit make it to the Billboard Top 100, and to sell out a large venue, though not for the sake of money, but pride in her work. As a part of joining Turmic Records in 2006, she has been given an opportunity to begin experiencing the music industry as a formal artist on her way to following her pop-alternative dreams.

A year prior, she released XxtraOrdinary, her debut album with 10 original songs. After awhile, she added more to her performance with a full band. The rest of her group is made up of guitarist and vocalist Tommy Yow, bassist Shannon Chwialkowski and drummer Sam Seawell. What’s her sound? Some say a mix of Jewel, Sheryl Crow and Gwen Stefani — her favorite band, album, and biggest influence being No Doubt (aside from her crush on Bono). Who does she recommend you check out alongside her tunes? Try Wafer Thin (www.

Frontman Brent Naylor is a talented musician and close friend of Paige. But I wouldn’t spend too much time nitpicking music or thinking twice that any sort of lull is coming soon for her. Next in line is an album she’s on the edge of her seat ready to record in January 2009 entitled Totally Twisted, a sophomore album with a little more edge to her usual music.

“This is the hardest thing I’ve ever tried to do,” says Paige, “and I’m nowhere near the end. This is only the beginning of my musical awakening.” For now, she has a show booked at Cooper’s Ale House (; in Greensboro on Nov. 1; but keep checking her websites for more updates. |