by Ryan Snyder

Upcoming shows you should check out


Stevie Nicks in Greensboro on Wednesday. Lindsey Buckingham in Kernersville on Friday. Not since 2009 when Morrissey played Durham the same night that Johnny Marr jammed with Modest Mouse a few miles down the road have former lovers with such a sordid history so nearly crossed paths while on the tour circuit. The two tours will just miss each other, however, as Buckingham paces himself across the state with three shows. Following a Thursday performance at the Carrboro ArtsCenter, Buckingham will find himself at the Bucked Up Super Saloon for a solo set that draws gems from his Fleetwood Mac discography, his excellent solo catalog and, surprisingly, the often overlooked Buckingham Nicks album. To say that it’s a solo set though might be a bit misleading. Buckingham will be joined by seven of his best friends, each tuned precisely for their respective couple of songs. He’s never going to wow a crowd with mind-blowing six-string pyrotechnics, but Buckingham is and will always be a true songwriter’s guitarist and one of the world’s most unheralded in that regard. Even though he capoes his guitar, “Go Insane” is a superlative example of his faultless style — focused, soulful and dripping with nuance. Tickets start at $40 for the show, and the music begins at 8 p.m.


Electronic music has been a funny business since 2008. With the birth of Skrillex, Steve Aoki, Boregore, Rusko, etc., it’s almost as if the reset button was hit on the field. The current wave overtook the old guard so swiftly and dramatically that it was like the October Revolution for DJs. They oftentimes find that crowds want something dramatically different than the cerebral downtempo pacing or the angelic mindtrips upon which the rave scene was built, which explains why a once infallible guy like Mark Farina was booed off the decks at a Las Vegas show recently. Next weekend at the Festival of Gnarnia, Farina finds himself in a similarly awkward place: giving away billing to producers of lesser tenure and even fewer contributions to the electronic spectrum. The mushroom-jazz and Chicago House pioneer is among the top billed at the inaugural, dancecentric event at the scenic Beech Mountain resort, happening Aug. 9-11, but he’s not the top billed, as his reputation might suggest. That honor belongs arguably to Disco Biscuits offshoot Conspirator (more deservingly) to ‘90s rave impresario Tipper. But that’s why they play the games, and Farina is peerless on the dubplates. The festival boasts a rather curious lineup in its first year, with Bill Kreutzmann’s 7 Walkers and local world-classical virtuosos Songs of Water included among gypsy-tronica outfit Beats Antique, gimmicky weed rapper Afroman and mesmerizing performance artist Phadroid. But for ever untzy button-masher though, there’s someone making exciting music — see the exhilarating dance-pop group Cherub and Nu-House visionary Eliot Lipp — and really, no one ever had a bad time dancing in the mountains for three days. For the full lineup, tickets, and the festivals extracurriculars, visit