by Ryan Snyder

Upcoming shows you should check out


Every great rock ‘n’ roll guitarist will suffer whiplash at some point; it’s just that most get it while thrashing their axes and whipping their hair around. Peter Frampton’s curly blonde locks are long gone, so the famed British guitarist found an alternate route to a neck injury: getting rear-ended by a texting driver while sitting in stand-still traffic. In a tweet he sent almost immediately after, he noted it was specifically a “woman driver” at fault, a detail that almost seemed redundant given the context, amirite fellas? Hey-o! The worst part of the situation was that the accident discharged Frampton’s inflatable pig airbag, first responders raided the watermelon in his cooler and Cypress Hill stole his orchestra. Frampton later tweeted that his back pain was so bad that he’d have to see a doctor, though no mention of gender was made. His White Oak Amphitheatre show on Friday is still on, however, though “Jumpin’ Jack Flash” could be a little more like lurchin’ jack flash, amirite? Tickets start at $25 plus fees and the music begins at 8 p.m.


Two important things to note about Atlanta rapper Future’s debut album Pluto: HipHopDX hated it and Pitchfork loved it. The former lambasted him as a novelty over his weird, plasticized beats and the latter lauded him as avant garde for his creative, subtle use of AutoTune. While no one will ever confuse  the writing quality inherent to both mediums, it does underscore the schism between contemporary hip-hop audiences and traditional hip-hop press. It’s hardly likely that the sold-out, majority African-American audience at his Ziggy’s show back in March that was chanting along with ever single word to “Magic,” “Same Damn Time” and “Turn On the Lights” get their insight from Pitchfork. It was an urban audience that’s more likely to gravitate toward urban press and in this case, HipHop- DX got him dead wrong. Future will be back on stage in the Triad to weave his “wala, Magic” this Saturday at Epic Nightlife and the price has gone up to reflect his newfound astronaut status. Early bird ticket sales are over, so $40 gets you in the door for the show, which starts at 10 p.m.


For 11 years you couldn’t walk into a music store without tripping over a new Sebadoh release. Then suddenly the Dinosaur, Jr. guitarist Lou Barlow side band went on hiatus for Barlow to make Folk Implosion and mediocre solo records and were hardly heard from aside from a small excursion to promote a reissue set. Nineties nostalgia is a powerful force, however, and with Bob Mould playing all of Sugar’s Copper Blue this summer and a recent reunion of fIREHOSE, Barlow is right to jump on the gravy train. The band, which of course includes the Fiery Furnaces’ Jason Loewenstein and Bob D’Amico, also has a middling new EP out called Secret as a rather cursory offering for their tour, which comes to the Cat’s Cradle this Saturday. Opening for Sebadoh is…. Sebadoh, or more accurately, Barlow under his solo moniker Sentridoh and Circle of Buzzards, the rather awesome drum-andbass duo with Loewenstein and D’Amico trading instruments.

Tickets are $15 and the music starts at 9 p.m.