by Ryan Snyder

Upcoming shows you should check out


The rivalry between the two largest historically black universities in the Triad doesn’t end on the gridiron; NCA&T University and Winston- Salem State University have also been duking it out on the hip-hop booking circuit for the past few years. In one corner, there’s A&T with their extravagant Greensboro Coliseum bashes featuring chart-topping A-listers like Drake, Rick Ross (though he cancelled last year) and Young Jeezy. In the other, there’s WSSU doing it on a smaller scale, but also appealing to the true rhyme connoisseur. Last year, they brought J. Cole shortly after the release of his debut album supported by the living reincarnation of Pimp C, Big KRIT This Thursday they’ve upped the ante with Pusha T, the fearsome half of Clipse and unheralded star of Kanye West’s My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, and the ridiculously prolific, silver-tongued king of New Orleans weed rap Curren$y. Best of all, the show will take place in the confines of the Millennium Center rather than the cavernous Coliseum, ensuring that the contact buzz will be worth the $30 price of admission at least. The show starts at 9 p.m.


It’s an unfortunate fact of Greensboro’s music scene that impending album releases by local bands don’t often generate the level of buzz that they should outside of the city, and that’s sometimes even the case within the city. Jenny Besetzt, however, present an opportunity to change that with their debut album Only. Mentions are popping up in zines and collegiate papers outside of this sphere in the weeks before its release, and rightfully so. Without even hearing the wonder fully nuanced sounds of the quintet led by the twin guitars of John Wollaber and Brad Morton, you can imagine them from the tracklisting. “Hours We Could Have Spent Fu*king with the TV On” and “They Were Full of Brave Illusions About Each Other” are merely suggestive of the amount of detail in them. The album’s heart, however, lies in its racing tempos. They’re inspired by Wollaber’s fascination with the rhythms of Tom Petty’s “American Girl,” a driving beat that remains fairly consistent throughout, but shaded to reflect the tenor of his songwriting throughout. Jenny Besetzt’s release of Only will come this Friday at CFBG with support from T0W3RS and the Lollipops, with the show starting at 9 p.m.


Things you can expect during a David Liebe Hart performance: puppet shows, tinfoil-hat conspiracy theories, facts about trains, songs of praise and worship and aliens, heartfelt anti-drug messages and punk-fu*king-rock. The man who brought the pre-internet tapetrading circuit the cable access miracle that was “The Junior Christian Science Bible Lesson Program” is a poor man’s polymath of sorts, but there’s also the strong possibility that, like many others in the derelict world of outsider art, there’s an afflicting disorder at work. He’s often hilarious, but the real thrill of his performance comes from the drama that unfolds internally. Watch anything from his run on “Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job!” and you start to question whether you’re laughing because there’s a 57-year-old man with a Bluetooth firmly affixed to his ear singing punk songs about his adulterous ex-wife, or because he’s genuinely crazy. It’s a fine line, but David Liebe Hart offers the chance to walk it this Saturday when he brings his constellation of weirdness to the Garage with support from drum and organ combo Grape Soda. The show starts at 10 p.m. and cover is $8.