Radiohead, Everybodyfields and Rehab make for weekend of music

by Heather MacIntyre

Friday night there will be two kinds of people in North Carolina: those going to see Radiohead (, and those who aren’t. Of the people going to see Radiohead, there exists another tier, or fork in the road: those who favor OK, Computer (this would include myself) and those who favor Kid-A. Regardless of your standing, it’s going to be one hell of a show. Can I say that in here?

Radiohead’s most recent release (and expanded re-release) is In Rainbows, which everyone remembers when it came out on the internet with the price set to whatever you thought it was worth. If only we could do the same for concert tickets, right?

Note: The concert is not sold out. A lot of websites say that it is, but you can still find plenty of tickets. The show is in Charlotte’s Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre ( and tickets range anywhere from $55 to… well, a lot of money. Radiohead would like to push the “go green” route of transportation to everyone coming to the show: carpool to save gas and reduce air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions. Parking is limited, so come early. Opening the spring tour with these notorious musicians is Liars ( from Los Angeles.


If you happen to be a part of “those who aren’t going to see Radiohead,” you still have Friday night choices. If you didn’t make it out to Guilford College, you get another chance to see Knoxville’s the Everybodyfields ( They will be playing at the Lincoln Theatre in Raleigh ( with their light and twangy folk. The band utilizes deep lyrics that sound like they should be sang in the blues from their 2007 album (one of the top of the year) Nothing Is Okay (Ramseur Records). Sneak in your whiskey and your best friend, sway along and sing about leaving and losing friends and lovers. Vocals from Jill Andrews and Sam Quinn might break your heart, but hey – we all need a little heartbreak sometimes.


Saturday Ziggy’s ( presents Rehab ( at Corpening Plaza (100 W. 1st St.) in Winston-Salem. Rehab is a Universal/Republic Records band from Atlanta with a recent release called Graffiti The World. Their Southern, white-trashy rock music has a mix of hip hop and singing – but not in an R&B way, more like… Uncle Cracker meets “American Idol”? RIYL: cussing, beer and positive lyrics about society coming together from all backgrounds. Local talent and special guests the Five L’s ( open the show at 6 p.m.; doors open at 5 p.m. Get tickets online at This is the perfect outdoor beginning-of-summer event to enjoy in the city with friends.