Radmilla Petric

by Brian Clarey

We see them walking the runways and in underwear catalogues and even playing world-class tennis in those short little skirts, but did you know that we have our own cache of Eastern European beauties right here in Greensboro? Take this week’s Page Three model, Radmilla Petric from the former Yugoslavia, who has been in Greensboro for the past nine years and is inarguably beautiful. But don’t expect to see her sucking in her cheeks during fashion week in New York or Paris anytime soon. Radmilla prefers the biology lab to the boutique and feels more at home in a lab coat than haute couture. The UNCG biology major gives the bulk of her time to science. “I examine the ultrasonic vocalizations of peromyscus,” she says. Huh? “You can just say, ‘field mice,'” she says in that exotic accent, and their voices, when amped up by high-tech science stuff, “sound like screams. Like bloody murder, actually.” After graduation this spring she hopes to enter grad school, perhaps at Wake Forest, and then she’s out of here. “I plan to travel,” she says. “And in the line of work I want to go in, I have to travel.”