Readers name Grandinetti best chef in the Triad

by Kristi Maier

Chef Tim Grandinetti has an exuberance that’s infectious. It’s easy to get pulled in to his love of cooking and creating for others. When we told Chef that YES! readers had voted him best chef, he was shocked. “It’s quite flattering and humbling. It makes me want to work harder. This really is as much for the restaurant. I’m surrounded by talented, like-minded, passionate people who collaborate and sweat and share. I can’t do it by myself and I’m appreciative of the hard work of my team.”He also has a team at home—and is as much a family man as he is the leader of his kitchen and enjoys spending his days off with his wife, Heidi and his children, Abigail, 20 and Tyler, 10. “I don’t see us slowing down. Spring House is celebrating four years, Quanto Basta just turned a year old and now we’ve got QB2 coming to Bermuda Run this summer. I’d say we’re hitting our stride. This award—it just raises the bar and makes me want to cook!” He adds, “I jump out of bed every day, ready to go. Every day is the same—but different, if you know what I mean. As a chef, if you aren’t excited about getting into the kitchen—it’s time to find a new career.”