Restaurant resolution list

by Kristi Maier

| @triadfoodies

As we round out the year here at Chow, we wanted to give you a heads up on some can’t miss places that you need to know about. We’ve enjoyed getting out and about the last few weeks (no way to avoid it) and while we were out, we made some new discoveries and generally basked in the awesomeness that is locally owned Triad restaurants. So make sure these restaurants/cafes are on your New Year’s resolution #eatlocal list.


848 West Fifth Street, Winston-Salem

Take a bakery, coffee shop, historic mansion and the passion of a young woman and her mother and you get one of the most beloved places in Winston- Salem, safely tucked inside one of the beloved historic places in Winston-Salem. Chelsea Tart opened her Tart Sweets a couple of years ago and just as the holidays were approaching, up and moved her bakery from Hawthorne Road to the West End””In the historic Rosenbacher House. Chelsea Tart (could her name be more perfect?) says they enjoyed their location in Ardmore but quickly realized they were outgrowing the space. The owners of the Rosenbacher house helped make a movein possible. Now also the home of Camel City Coffee, the bakery will eventually have a case in the front area of the house while the coffee shop will be in the back. Lots of places to enjoy confections, java or tea, have a meeting or just relax, it has great atmosphere and décor. You’ll feel right at home.


1318 South Hawthorne Road, Winston-Salem

One of the other reasons it worked out so great for the Tart Sweets team to upsize is that her previous space in Ardmore was much desired by one George Memory. Memory and his wife own Organix Juice Bar, which features handcrafted fruit and vegetable cold-pressed juices “sourced from local organic farmers.” Memory has quite the story behind his Organix and it’s worth a stop in for a little tasting (yes they provide one) and a little history lesson. For now, we’ll leave it at that, but coming in January, we’ll have more in-depth details about this little juice bar that opens with the sun so you can have the freshest of whole juices that are raw, non-GMO and organic. You’ll find a variety of flavors, all with names like The Dash and The Ardmore and Camel City. They’re all very different and delicious and you’ll feel positively radiant just by sipping a colorful bottle.


215 West Fourth Street, Winston-Salem

Admit it, you’ve sauntered down 4 th Street in Winston-Salem and haven’t given much thought to that little hole in the wall Chinese restaurant. We have passed it by too many times to count and we really didn’t feel bad about it because half the time it doesn’t look open. But! It is open! And you should eat there! Definitely. The lady who took our order (I’m assuming is the owner) took very good care of us. Tokyo Shapiro isn’t special as far as looks go, but the food is hot and it’s delicious. My recommendations? The Sesame Chicken, extra spicy. And the Lo Mein. The Lo Mein might be the best I’ve ever had. It’s so fresh and piping hot. The noodles are perfection and they have a great flavor without that funny taste that lo mein sometimes has. If you are worried about getting enough protein, maybe ask for extra. If not, rest assured, for lunch you’ll be out of there for less than $8 with a drink and that’s pretty hard to come by.


1488 Hwy 66, Kernersville

Now open in Kernersville after much hype and excitement. After the past month, it doesn’t seem to be letting up either as it is ever so popular in the little “in between cities” town. Lead by Kernersville native Rusty LaRue and his wife, Tammy, this location is a first for the company as it is an Owner/Operator concept run by LaRue himself. And LaRue says it should lay the groundwork for future O & O’s for the company. There are three other locations as well, in Rural Hall, King and Clemmons. All are very different in design. As for Kernersville, it’s a great, fun atmosphere with sporting images of the LaRues’ late son, Riley, all throughout. You can tell that his presence, in shadow photography, brings honor to their son and joy to his parents. Dairi-O is famous for its burgers and hot dogs but if those aren’t your thing, then we highly recommend Chicken Souvlaki or the chicken tenders. And a milkshake, because”¦Dairi-O.


139 South Church Street, Asheboro

The Table might be as pretty as it is tasty. It’s another of these rare locations that has delightful ambiance that pairs so perfectly with food. Located in downtown Asheboro, the Table Farmhouse Bakery offers the best in coffee shop delights plus a small menu with hand-crafted sandwiches, soups and homemade baked goods. Seriously, it is so worth a trip to Asheboro. But if you are a total homebody who also likes incredible baked delights, like their White Chocolate Baguette, you’ll be pleased to learn that they’re planning on opening a second location right in downtown Greensboro at 227 South Elm Street. It’s a bit early to say for sure but the owners say that the location will likely act as a commissary for the Asheboro location, which is outgrowing its kitchen. But you’ll be able to get their famous European style breads and baked goods for take home. !

KRISTI MAIER is a food writer, blogger and cheerleader for all things local who even enjoys cooking in her kitchen, though her kidlets seldom appreciate her efforts.