Rhino Hunting

by Brian Clarey

When Greensboro newspaper the Rhinoceros Times was in its heyday, rarely did a week go by without a mention — or, at least, a party photo — of club owner, favored advertiser and “Mayor of Elm Street” Joey Medaloni. Strange, then, that the Rhino neglected to mention what is possibly the biggest news of Medaloni’s career: his indictment by a federal grand jury on six felony counts that included tax fraud and using “criminally derived property” earlier this month. The only mention of the indictment in the paper came in the Oct. 21 edition from a caller to “The Beep,” which, apparently, is a feature that showcases the ignorance of Rhino readers to matters of media and the law. The passage reads, in part, “Hi. I would like to say shame on the local news media for reporting on the indictment of Joey Medaloni. And shame on the people trying to indict him.” Perhaps the Rhino, and its readers, believe that if the Rhino doesn’t print it, then it never happened.