Rhino Time Lies!


A recent edition of the Rhino Times printed an article stating that they had won a lawsuit against The Knights forcing Pastor Robb to instruct friends and supporters of The Knights Party not to use discarded copies of The Rhino Times for the distribution of Knights Party literature.

This demonstrates once again that the Rhino Times is the newspaper you can not trust. You can get a copy of the settlement agreement by contacting The Knights Party at P. O. Box 2222, Harrison, Arkansas. The settlement agreement created absolutely no change in their national policy of literature distribution.

It has ALWAYS been the policy of The Knights Party not to place its literature INSIDE newspapers. It just makes common sense: Why insert a piece of literature inside a newspaper that is two, three or four months old? Who would read it and who would find the literature? It makes more sense to place literature AROUND the outside of sections of discarded newspaper and the settlement agreement does not alter that policy in any way.

The fact is Rhino Times was eager to settle the case and had made four previous attempts to settle which were all turned down by Pastor Robb. The Rhino Times was thrilled to get out of this quagmire they created. In other words they cut and run while they still could.

Now they are claiming that they forced The Knights Party not to put their literature INSIDE editions of the Rhino Times which is something they never did and have no intentions of ever doing. It would be a waste of time and money as stated above. The Rhino Times could just as likely claimed they forced The Knights Party to obey traffic laws.

I suspect that Knights Party literature will continually be placed AROUND sections of old discarded newspapers in the future as has been done in the past and the settlement agreement does not forbid any one from doing so.

And if Rhino Times think they want to reactivate the lawsuit then I suspect The Knights Party will stomp on the Smelly Old Whining Rhino again!

Pastor Robb can be reached at 870-427-3414