Richard Johnston


Okay, Memphis-based troubadour and street blues legend Richard Johnston is not exactly local ‘— he’s more in tune with the rhythms of Beale Street than the sprawl of Wendover Avenue ‘— but he’s a favorite among the YES! Weekly staff. Because of that he’s traveled to Greensboro four or five times in the past year or so at our behest. Last Thursday he was on hand at Café Europa for the Piedmont Blues Preservation Society’s media event, sharing a slate with Peter May after society president John Amberg revealed the scorching lineup for this year’s Blues Festival (see p. 9 for the dirty details). Johnston won’t be on the bill this year but he will continue his globe-spanning journey to bring hill country blues to every corner of the world with his Lowebow ‘— basically a cigar box poked through with a couple of broom handles and four strings threaded through them. He’s also been known to throw in a little Black Sabbath.