Ricky Nxumalo

by Brian Clarey

There are many cool things about this week’s Page Three model, Ricky Nxumalo, not the least of which is the fact that his name is pronounced with an African click, part of the eccentrically phonetic Xosa language, that this writer was unable to reproduce even after a weekend spent practicing. And though his parents are natives of South Africa, Ricky is Greensboro born and bred, a 2004 graduate of Grimsley High. He’s the bassist for our favorite band, the Urban Sophisticates, and is in the throes of an Eastern US tour that has included stops in Chicago, Minneapolis and Philly, as well as occasional gigs at Churchill’s on Elm Street. Also cool: Ricky will make his modeling debut at the Greensboro Spotlight on Fashion 2006 event at the Empire Room – you can get tickets at Mack & Mack, among other places; look for more details in these pages soon. He’s no stranger to fashion – he’s been the band’s merchandise man for a year and you can find the shirt he’s wearing at Pod on Elm Street and Board Paradise on Battleground Avenue.