Ride Along 2: More of the same

Having coasted to box-office success to the tune of $100 million, it’s no surprise that Ride Along (2014) would birth Ride Along 2. Once again, Ice Cube (he of the slow burn and constant scowl) and Kevin Hart (he of the motormouth and pratfalls) are teamed up as Atlanta cops James Payton and Ben Barber.

Ben’s about to marry James’ sister Angela (Tika Sumpter, also back), but first must go to Miami on a big case. There, aided by foxy cop Olivia Munn and computer hacker Ken Jeong (in a thin variation of Joe Pesci’s mob accountant in the Lethal Weapon sequels), they bumble, stumble and blast their way to bring down baddie Benjamin Bratt.

Rest assured, there are car chases and shoot-outs at regular intervals, but only one chase – which Ben visualizes as a video game – has much novelty. You’ve seen one car crash, you’ve seen them all. And it’s no surprise whatsoever how it all turns out. Any element of surprise is singularly absent here.

Aside from a few chuckle-inducing moments, many shown in the film’s trailer, Ride Along 2 follows its predecessor’s lead as a tired formula retread, one that will  likely prove popular enough to “inspire” (so to speak) another Ride Along before too long. It’s more of the same, no better and no worse – but pretty flat in any case.