Rondo Rigs album release show coming to Common Grounds

by YES! Weekly staff

The Rondo Rigs Album Release ShowCommon Grounds (602 S. Elam Ave. Greensboro)Saturday July 23 8 p.m.Eric Robertson returns to his hometown with a New Orleans trio in tow. The Rondo Riggs will be celebrating the release of their debut album Saturday July 23 at Common Grounds (602 S Elam Ave). The album, produced by Oliver Wood of The Wood Brothers, covers a wide range of genres. Though you may recognize some traditional instruments in their set up, the sounds they produce might surprise you. A violin pushed through pedals into a guitar amp combined with a mandolin screaming out of a Blues Jr. isn’t what you would expect, but the music quickly overshadows the oddity of their process, as you get lost in a sound that is hard to define. A sound that’s familiar but new, original but founded. One things for sure, it’s honest. Alan Peterson and Alex McKinney will kick off the show at 8 with The Rondo Rigs to follow.

Shagwüf with Cucumbers and D.O.G.Urban Grinders (116 N. Elm St. Greensboro)Saturday July 23 Shagwüf is playing Urban Grinders on Saturday July 23 with local acts Cucumbers and Dildo Of God. Stylistically Shagwüf are reminiscent of LA’s ‘X’, with a little nod to ‘the Pixies’ while leaning a little more towards the punk end of the hard rock spectrum with just the right amount of hard blues and psychedelia to invoke early metal pioneers like ‘Black Sabbath’, all wrapped up in a slightly twangy, swampy package that is sure to keep your head banging. Sally Rose steps out of her role as Charlottesville’s Indie Rock Queen and straps on a bass to lend the driving low end of the band, along with her sultry vocals and song-writing prowess. Sweet Pete Stallings (Lost Indian, Sally Rose Band, Secret Ninja) lends his quirky songwriting chops along with his signature riffy guitar style. The two of them provide the vocals for the band, and anyone who has seen the Sally Rose Band knows these two sing well together. Drummer Pablo Oliveri (Pablo & the Dregs, The Murder Bros, Book of Kills, The Findells) attacks the drums like a man on a mission while still finding time to be one of the most tasteful players in the area. Pablo is always a solid part of whatever band he is in, and he is the perfect drummer for this project.