by Jordan Green

Items from across the Triad and beyond by Jordan Green

Follow-up: Winston-Salem federal building safety concern

The US General Services Administration “does not currently consider the 6th floor [of the Hiram Ward Federal Building in Winston- Salem] to be in danger of collapsing,” spokeswoman Saudia Muwwakkil told YES! Weekly in a prepared statement last week.

The federal agency had previously filed a “load-bearing study” on the 6th floor, one of several occupied by the US Department of Veterans Affairs, finding that the weight of file cabinets exceeded the limit of 125 pounds per square foot. General Services Administration also produced a fire inspection report that characterized the “floor stack loading on the 6th floor to be “an extreme fire load and possible structural overloading concern.”

Cheryl Rawls, director of the Veterans Affairs Regional Office in Winston-Salem, dismissed the concerns in correspondence to the Office of Inspector General, saying that the engineer in General Services Administration had used inaccurate weight estimates and that the actual weight was only 120 pounds per square foot.

GPD cracks down on school-zone speeders

The Greensboro Police Department launched Operation School Watch last week as Guilford County Schools students returned to school. The department announced it was deploying marked and unmarked vehicles, stationary and moving speed-measuring instruments in school zones, and that officers made 104 traffic stops as part of the campaign, including 80 warning tickets and 26 citations for speeding. Capt. John Wolfe, commander of the special operations division said that when the campaign concludes on Friday, warnings will be the exception rather than the rule.