by Eric Ginsburg


Food truck pilot a hit

Greensboro’s downtown food-truck pilot program on Commerce Street has been drawing between 200 and 300 daily since it began Oct. 1, the city’s small-business coordinator Reggie Delahanty said in a memo last week. Weather has — unsurprisingly — played a significant role in turnout, as did First Friday. The pilot program only runs during dinnertime on Fridays, with some attendees reporting that lines took an hour on First Friday and with Delahanty reporting more families at the evening affair.

Fourteen trucks have already applied for the pilot program’s second month, which is already three more than the total number participating in October. Delahanty’s memo was almost a week before the Thursday deadline to participate in November. Delahanty has received requests for tables and seating but said it wasn’t feasible. The pilot program is next to a small park owned by Elon Law School that does not have any benches. The city has added three sets of recycling and trash bins that are serviced six days a week, Delahanty said.

LGBT PAC, Women Attorneys list endorsements

The Replacements Ltd. political action committee has released its endorsements for the Nov. 6 election. The PAC, which is connected to a local company, is focused on identifying the most LGBT-friendly candidates, and actually endorsed several Republican contenders.

“This election will affect the future of LGBT equality in both North Carolina and nationally,” the press release said. “Please vote for candidates who best support LGBT equality.”

The PAC primarily endorsed Democrats while leaving some races, like the Guilford County Commission District 6 contest between Democrat Linda Kellerman and Republican Hank Henning, blank.

Republican women Susan Bray, running for NC Superior Court District 18E, and Sherry Alloway running for NC District Court District 18, both received endorsements. The PAC also endorsed Republican Eric Smith for Rockingham County Commission — its only endorsement in any of that county’s races — and Democrat Bernita Sims for mayor of High Point. The PAC didn’t offer an opinion on Forsyth County races.

Several judicial endorsements overlapped with the NC Association of Women Attorneys’ approved candidates, including Bray. Both groups support Sam Ervin for NC Supreme Court over incumbent Paul Newby; Jan Samet, Bill Davis, Susan Burch and Polly Sizemore for District Court District 18; and Linda McGee, Wanda Bryant and Cressie Thigpen for NC Court of Appeals.