by Eric Ginsburg

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Greensboro holds off on internet sweepstakes enforcement Action

Greensboro police aren’t enforcing a NC Supreme Court decision against internet sweepstakes venues yet, despite sheriff’s departments throughout the state acting on the ruling to shut them down. According to a memo from police lawyer Jim Clark, the city is waiting for a temporary injunction against enforcement to be lifted in Guilford County Superior Court before taking action.

“We are aware that some sheriff’s departments in North Carolina are taking steps to immediately enforce the law based upon the North Carolina Supreme Court ruling,” Clark wrote in a memo, going on to say that “further legal proceedings in state or federal court are possible before such injunctions are dissolved. Enforcement may be delayed yet again by another court order, and aggressive enforcement could lead to the city’s enforcement efforts being challenged [in court].”

The city expects an order by the county court in the next two weeks, and will send a notice to sweepstakes video game operators allowing two weeks to “wind up business and cease all internet sweepstakes gaming operations” after the preliminary injunction is lifted. Clark said that the district attorney’s office supports the department’s approach, and said violators would “typically” receive a citation at first followed by arrest and felony charges.