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As a result of Winston-Salem city offices closing for the Christmas holiday, the sanitation schedule for the city will change as follows. Garbage will be collected this week one-day early, and Friday’s collection will occur on Monday Dec. 29. The week of New Year’s, garbage will be collected normally Tuesday and Wednesday but Thursday’s collection will be on Friday Jan. 2 and Friday’s will be on Monday Jan. 5.

Recycling will be collected normally this week Monday through Wednesday, but Thursday’s collection will happen on Friday Dec. 26 and Friday’s will be on Saturday Dec. 27. The week of New Year’s Thursday’s collection will happen on Friday Jan. 2 and Friday’s on Saturday Jan. 3.

Yard waste will be collected one day early this week, and during the week of New Year’s it will happen normally Monday through Wednesday and Thursday’s collection will occur on Friday Jan. 2.

In addition to changes in the collection schedule, the city’s service call center CityLink 311 will not be staffed on Christmas or New Year’s but calls that are not emergencies will be forwarded to staff that are on-call in certain departments. Requests for routine information or services may be submitted by email, to the city website and City- Link 311 mobile application for processing the next day.


This year, a little humor will be added to the Winterfest Ice Rink in downtown Greensboro. A series of leg lamp races will circle around the ice rink to see which leg gets ahead.

The Forge, Greensboro’s Makerspace is launching the first ever Leg Lamps Races at Winterfest Ice Rink at The Railyard parking lot to add to the holiday cheer and to pay homage to the holiday classic movie The Christmas Story.

The Fragilé Races will be held from 9-11 a.m. each day beginning Dec. 29, culminating with the final race on Jan. 3. The event is free and open to the public.

Joel Leonard, community developer at The Forge, came up with the idea. He is an avid fan of the holiday classic movie, The Christmas Story.

Leonard developed a prototype at The Forge with a mannequin’s leg dressed in black fishnet stockings and topped with a whimsical lamp shade decorated with fringe. He added a musical string for the leg to function as a diddley bo guitar with an electric pick up. His creation has prompted humorous discussion and second glances as he has used it to promote the races.

Leonard would like to see the Fragilé Races included in the upcoming U.S. Figure Skating Championship demonstrations and perhaps be included in a highlight on SportCenter.

“This could evolve into a regular event to generate more interest and fun into Greensboro,” he said.

The leg lamps, created by Greensboro based Fusion 3, will be mounted on Traxxas remote control race cars shipped in from Dallas, Texas, which was arranged by Brent Johnson, Hobbytown’s owner of Brassfield Shopping Center’ store for this special event.

Many of Forge members from all ages are going to be participating and supporting this unique way of having fun on ice and will be guided by founding member, Ken Causey, investor of HQ Greensboro.

The Forge, Greensboro’s Makerspace is striving to help the Greensboro community grow, prosper and have fun using “cool” applications by combining new and old technology together. !