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A man who escaped Nazi oppression in 1938 in the wake of Kristallnacht will speak at UNCG next week about his childhood experiences growing up in Cologne, Germany.

Alfred Schnog spent his early childhood in the midst of the Nazi rise to power in Germany. Schnog, who is Jewish, watched as many of his young friends joined the Hitler Youth. As the persecution of Jews intensified during the 1930s, Schnog was an eyewitness to the Kristallnacht violence that occurred on Nov. 9, 1938.

Schnog saw his own synagogue burned and watched as Nazis looted Jewish-owned shops. His mother had tickets for the family to leave Germany the next day, and they were able to escape Germany before travel was restricted further.

“I was one of the lucky ones, to be able to get out of Germany and escape by the skin of my teeth, just as the doors closed behind me. And I am forever grateful for that,” Schnog said in a press release announcing his appearance in Greensboro on March 3.

Schnog, who now lives in Wilmington, North Carolina, will take part in a panel discussion at 4 p.m. entitled “The Holocaust and Genocides Worldwide: What Have We Learned?” He will then share his personal story of witness and escape at 7 p.m. in the talk “Prelude to Genocide.”

The events take place in room 225 Curry Building (auditorium) on the UNCG campus. (Click for map)

The sessions are free and open to the public.

These events at UNCG are sponsored by the Department of Communication Studies, the Department of History, and a Kohler Fund grant from the UNCG International Programs Center. For additional information, go to:


Predictions about who will become Greensboro’s next Chief of Police have been swirling around the Melvin Municipal Office Building for weeks now. Initially, the city announced a decision would be made by the end of February, but the recent snowy weather has apparently pushed everything back until March.

The position became available in August 2014 after Ken Miller left for another job. Currently, Anita Holder has been filling in as interim chief until a permanent chief is hired. Late last year, the city hired Development Associates, LLC to identify top candidates. The city received 44 applications for the chief job.

Sources report that some of the top candidates still in the running for the job are minority women. The city is reportedly considering female candidates from outside of North Carolina. The candidates that sources have talked about are said to be from California, Florida and Texas.

When asked about the time frame for the hiring of a new chief changing, City of Greensboro Communications Manager Donnie Turlington said he was not aware of any changes being made.

With only five days left in this month it does not appear the city is ready to make the announcement. During a telephone interview with YES! Weekly, Councilman Zack Matheny said he isn’t sure when the announcement will be made.

“I have asked the city manager a lot of questions about who is going to be the next Chief of Police and he has not been very forthcoming. He did say that he had some good candidates,” Matheny said. He further stated that he didn’t think the council would meet the new chief prior to their hiring.

The 44 candidates were reduced to seven candidates last month and the number is now down to the top two. There are two regularly cited scenarios in the police department regarding the top two.

Some believe the top candidates are all females while others say that the candidates include only one applicant from outside of the Greensboro Police Department. Others think the finalists include Deputy Chief James Hinson and Deputy Chief Wayne Scott or a female from outside of North Carolina.

Whatever the case may be, Greensboro won’t know until March. !