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The City of Greensboro announced Monday that there are two candidates remaining in the hunt for Greensboro’s next police chief. A final choice is expected this week.

When the search to replace Greensboro’s former Chief of Police (Ken Miller) began, the city reported they would have the position filled by mid February. Then, Greensboro got hit with wintry weather and the deadline originally set was missed.

Now, Greensboro finally has finalists for one of the most prestigious jobs in the city. Either Danielle Outlaw, a deputy chief currently working for the City of Oakland, California, or Wayne Scott, a deputy chief with the Greensboro Police Department, will become Greensboro’s next police chief.

The entire hiring process has been secretive for the most part and not much information about how the two candidates will be measured from this point on has been made available to the public. The city has not fulfilled any public records requests made by YES! Weekly regarding this search.

In October, the city hired Development Associates LLC to gather quality candidates for the position. Yesterday, YES!

Weekly asked for the amount paid to Development Associates thus far, and city spokesperson Donnie Turlington reported that nothing had yet been invoiced.

When asked if council will get to meet with the finalists before a decision is made, Greensboro Communications Specialist Jake Keys reported that he was not aware of any plans that would allow that. Greensboro Mayor Nancy Vaughan, told YES! Weekly that she was also unaware of any plans that would allow the council to meet the candidates prior to their hiring.

According to several insiders, the job is Outlaw’s for the taking. Many officers that YES! Weekly spoke with believe that promoting Scott from Deputy Chief to Chief could become problematic for Westmoreland. Currently, the city manager and the city attorney are both white males. If Westmoreland hires Scott as police chief, white males would fill three of the biggest positions in the city. Many believe that gives Outlaw a huge advantage over Scott.

However, salary issues have allegedly been an obstacle for the city and Outlaw. If hired, Outlaw will more than likely become the highest paid police chief in Greensboro’s history.

Currently, Outlaw is being paid $194,920 per year according to Lori Black of the Human Resources Department for the City of Oakland. That is considerably more than Greensboro’s former police chief, Ken Miller, made. Miller’s salary was $179,820 per year. Greensboro City Manager, Jim Westmoreland currently makes $191,000 per year.


Great Decisions 2015, a weekly forum that centers on global public policy issues, will begin March 19 in Scales Fine Arts Center on the campus of Wake Forest University in Room A-102. The first discussion will be on Russia and the Near Abroad and will feature Dr. Helga Welsh from the university’s Department of Politics & International Affairs. Five other speakers are scheduled through April 23. They are Dr. Charles Wilkin, Dr. Angela Kocze, Gender, and Sexuality Studies, Dr. Neil DeVotta, Dr. Peter Siavelis and Dr. Ananda Mitra. Other topics to be discussed include Sectarianism in the Middle East and Privacy in the Digital Age.

The speaker series was started in 1954 by the nonprofit, nongovernmental New York-based Foreign Policy Association as a method by which people could have informal conversations about large foreign policy issues in which the results would be tallied and eventually sent off to the Department of State. Great Decisions forums can be held by any organization across the country. Participants use a briefing book to become familiar with topics to be discussed that year. Since 1984 it has been held annually at Wake Forest with the support of the university’s Center for International Studies. Last year’s forum included topics such as Islamic Awakening and Energy Independence. Each discussion begins at 7 p.m. !