(Last Updated On: September 7, 2016)

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With walls painted in murals, new businesses taking the streets and a $10 million park recently opened, Downtown Greensboro Inc. has created a new commercial to show off the positive developments taking place in the city’s center.

“The goal in creating this commercial is to showcase the energy and many facets of Downtown Greensboro,” said DGI’s President, Zack Matheny. “Greensboro in general does not have a commercial that showcases our transformation over the last few years and we wanted to put something together that our community can be proud of.

“We are working on our overall budget and see us utilizing televised and print media as well as social media to engage all demographics throughout the Southeast.”

The commercial was created by photographer and director Paul Byun, who currently manages the video department at a commercial studio, Albion Associates. He also freelances for preproduction planning/budgeting, director, production co-coordinator, portraits, and still life and food photography.

His clients of the past include a diverse array of companies like Furnitureland South, Directions U.S.A model agency, Boba House, Rubbermaid, Lowe’s, and AP Magazine.

Downtown Greensboro’s video was accomplished in nine days.

“The storyboard planning, scheduling, production and editing all happened simultaneously, so it was really interesting to see the edit grow and evolve on a daily basis,” said Byun.

On his blog, Byun wrote, “The job was booked on Aug. 1…. Producing, directing and editing all happened at the same time for me. Sleeping wasn’t even an option. I’m very thankful for this opportunity.”

Matheny and Downtown Greensboro Inc.’s marketing and communications coordinator, Julia Roach, were heavily involved in the entire film making process.

“It was a great pleasure working with them,” said Byun. “I would also like to thank the team of professionals who were involved in the creative process and everyone who have shared their time with us to be in the commercial.”

The project took a drone, production crew, audio mixer, script, and actors to pull off. The commercial features beautiful sky views of the Greensboro skyline, LeBauer Park and the Grasshopper’s Stadium.

“We gave Paul our vision and direction,” said Matheny. “Through collaboration, we felt Paul could take our vision and translate it on camera, which he did an exceptional job.

“Our vision was to showcase Downtown Greensboro as the heart of our community. Paul and I met about two months ago and when we met regarding this project…. We showed him what we wanted, how he should use his talents, we collaborated on how to get it done and what it would take and together we made it happen.

“The talent in the commercial are our friends and family so we did not have to hire talent, but, had real people in the spots. Overall we are ecstatic with the response to our new commercial and look forward to promoting Downtown Greensboro in various markets.” – Allison Stalberg !