by YES! Staff


Children will pay for Trinity sewer Developments across the Triad and beyond, compiled by Keith T. Barber

The US Department of Agriculture’s Rural Development agency approved a $5.5 million loan to pay for the expansion of the city of Trinity’s sewer system, Rep. Howard Coble announced before Christmas. The Republican lawmaker, who represents North Carolina’s 6 th Congressional District noted in a statement that the city will pay the loan back over the next 40 years at a 4.5-percent interest rate, contribute $450,000 towards the project, and procure an additional $500,000 from the NC Rural Center. According to Coble’s office, the sewer expansion will serve three schools, a church, five businesses and two municipal buildings. — JG

Guest-worker regulations condemned

The left-leaning NC Justice Center in Raleigh condemned a new set of regulations for the H-2B guest-worker program that were issued by the Bush administration on Dec. 26 as exploitative of foreign workers, and unaccountable to their US counterparts. The H-2B program is used by businesses to hire unskilled temporary laborers such as farm workers. “The regulations will undermine essential labor protections, making it more difficult for working immigrant families to get a fair shake,” said Carole Brooke, an attorney with the NC Justice Center. “Not only do these changes make abuses like employers failing to pay a true prevailing wage continue unchecked, but it will be harder to hold employers accountable for failure to hire available US workers.” The new regulations are scheduled to take effect on Jan. 20. Mary Bauer, director of the Alabama-based Southern Poverty Law Center’s Immigrant Justice Project, expressed hope that the regulations might be reversed during the incoming administration of President Obama, who takes office on Jan. 20. — JG