by Brian Clarey

Has everybody recovered from the big celebration of gluttony last week? Good, because there’s a small lull in the action in the Triad culinary scene that will soon be filled with sugarplums and whatnot.

Meanwhile, Bon Bon Wings and Grill has opened in Greensboro on Groometown road. I expect a menu heavy with fowl.

Grey’s Tavern, also in the Gate, celebrated five years last week — sorry about the delay — but they remain the only place in town where you can get a cheese-stuffed, baconwrapped, deep-fried hot dog. Congratulations guys.

Speaking of high cholesterol, McDonald’s is tinkering with a couple of its classic menu items. The Quarter Pounder may soon come in habanero-ranch, deluxe and bacon-and-cheese styles, while a new egg McMuffin is made with egg whites. The company is testing the new products out in northern California. Meanwhile, Burger King is toying with the idea of home delivery, so you can have a Whopper without getting off your couch.

Locally, Krankies Coffee has releases its winter blend, Moka Java. And v=back on the West Coast, they’re celebrating the return of Dungeness crab season — maybe some of that succulence will make it’s way here (hint).

The weekend id soaked in booze. On Friday, Whole Foods Market in Winston-Salem holds a Winter Wonderland beer tasting at 5 p.m.

On Saturday the Grove Winery holds its Holiday Open House all day long.

All weekend long, Total Wine & More will have tastes of gift wines at all three Triad locations.

Then you can nurse your hangover at the Greensboro Whole Foods Market with the monthly jazz brunch, which begins at 11 a.m.

Room for one more? No matter how you feel about Dunkin Donuts coffee — I personally feel that it tasted burned and sucky — you have to agree with the US Patent and Trademark Office’s decision not to allow the doughnut chain to trademark the phrase “Best Coffee in America.” The company said that the phrase was “laudatory” and a “claim of superiority,” but in no way meant to reflect that this was somehow adjudicated the best in the country.

Personally, I’d take a cup of Krankies Moka Java any day.