by Brian Clarey

It’s holiday time, which means that the culinary events — outside those held in private homes and rented venues — have pretty much dried up until the big blast on New Year’s Eve.

All I’ve got is a weekend holiday cooking demo at the Greensboro Fresh Markets and a trio of events at the Winston-Salem Whole Foods Market.

On Friday they’ll hold the Truffle Shuffle at 3 p.m., a chocolate truffle tasting and cooking demo and Q&A about actual truffles from the ground.

Saturday sees a wine and brie tasting at 3 p.m.

And then on Sunday, they host a Meatless Miracles tasting event that also begins at 3.

Elsewhere in food news, Undercurrent Restaurant still has a few spots left for its culinary trip to Italy. Find the details at

Cobblestone Farners Market is seeking donations to continue its mission, with a community goal of $25,000. Make a small contribution by mail to Cobblestone Farmers Market, PO Box. 20111, Winston-Salem, NC 27120 (checks payable to CFSA), or find them online at

Jerusalem Market in Greensboro has homemade spanikopita for the holidays. Call 336.547.0220 or hit jerusalemmarket. com to find out more.

The Smokey Bones chain has pledged to get back to its roots by offering more smoked items on the menu, including a smoked prime rib.

Restaurants are weighing in on Grouponstyle daily deals in a joint study by Cornell and Rice universities. The short of it is that about a third would do it again, and a third definitely wouldn’t, with the rest undecided. The study found that 40 percent of coupon users were new customers, and of those 35 percent returned to the restaurant without incentive. Of those surveyed, 39 percent said they lost money, about the same said they made money and the rest broke even.

Room for one more? The milkman is back in Asheville, where Farm to Home Milk has resurrected the old-school tradition of home milk delivery. I remember when I was a kid we had milk delivered to the house, as well as butter, eggs and sometimes ice pops, all left in an insulated box by the front door. Never thought that one would come back.