by Brian Clarey

Let’s face it: Summer’s over. True, I’ve been saying that since July 5, but now I think we can all agree that we’ve pretty much gotten everything we could out of the last few months, and it’s time to buckle down — or at least think about it before fall sets in.

A lull in between harvests of seasonal produce sees us finishing off the corn, peaches and tomatoes before the grapes and pumpkins come around. And the culinary scene ion the Triad enjoys a similar caesura.

But if you’re into it, there are a few things going on.

First off, Denny’s is yet again “rejuvenating” their menu with a slate of new items, including a sirloin dinner, a prime-rib Cobb salad and smothered cheese fries If that makes you barf in your mouth a little, try Greensboro’s Iron Hen, where they’re celebrating National Peach Month with a grilled peach salad.

On Wednesday, fellow Greensboro locavores Table 16 bust out the surf and turf — yeah, baby: steak and lobster. Pretty sure the lobsters came from outside the county. Call the restaurant to make a reservation.

On Thursday, YWCA Greensboro holds its annual meeting at Greensboro’s Painted Plate at 7:45 a.m. Why, you ask, would this be included in the Served column? Because it’s open to the general public and there’s food. And the Painted Plate’s Brad Semon usually puts on a magnificent spread.

Later that day, engage in Whole Food Market’s Twitter chat at 6 p.m. This week’s subject is children and how to get them to eat healthy food. Use the hashtag #WFMdish.

On Friday, Noble’s holds a Caviste wine diner — five courses paired with some great wines. All very civilized.

Also on Friday, Undercurrent makes with the crustaceans on its own lobster night, for which reservations are recommended.

And then on Sunday, the Grove Winery releases its 2012 unoaked chardonnay at the Gibsonville winery.

Didn’t these guys get the memo?

Summer’s over.