by Brian Clarey

I’m not saying that TGIFridays holds the wildest parties in the Triad, but the roof of the Greensboro restaurant on West Wendover Avenue was literally on fire last week. Turns out they actually did need some water, because letting the MFer burn was not an option.

Also hot: The new Taco Bell Doritos Loco taco, which will be sold under the name “fiery” at drive-thrus near you on Thursday.

Also new at the Bell: Waffle tacos.

You know, for breakfast.

In other fast-food news, the Popeyes on Greensboro’s Pisgah Church Road has closed. “It’s complicated,” an unnamed manager told WFMY.

And Potter’s House Community Kitchen has reopened on Greensboro’s West Lee Street after a “major plumbing problem” shut them down for 9 days, according to a press release.

Moving on… most of the week’s action happens on Saturday. But until then, there’s the Noble’s Grille Bacon on Bacon wine dinner — four courses at 7 p.m., with candied bacon for dessert. Call 336.777.8477 for a reservation.

And then there’s SEED Gallery’s Eleven Artists, Eleven Wines at Washington Perk & Provision Co. in Winston-Salem on Thursday. The event is self-explanatory.

On Friday, Poet.She Performing Arts holds a Feed Greensboro cookbook signing to fight hunger and homelessness at 7:30 p.m. at Glenwood Coffee & Books in Greensboro. Copies of The Poetry Skillet Cookbook will be available for sale.

Saturday: It’s Lobsterfest at the Jamestown Park Golf Course. Call 336.580.8720 for more information. High Point holds HopFest, a hybrid event featuring beer, food and music, begins at the Mendenhall Transportation terminal at 5 p.m. The Grove Winery in Gibsonville holds its Red. White & Blues event at 6 p.m. with food from the Crazy Rib Man. The Fresh Market at Greensboro’s Highwood Boulevard holds a cooking demo featuring Tuscan tuna with lemon and artichokes at 2 p.m. And the Greensboro Whole Foods Market holds its Back to School Fair at 1 p.m. focusing on healthy snacks and meal solutions.

If you’re still hungry on Monday, Greensboro’s 1618 Wine Lounge holds a Wild for the Cure event to help fight diabetes. There’s are paper sneakers and sparkling wine involved.