by Charles Womack

SUBWAY has an amazing new sandwich that I have eaten the past 3 days in a row either for lunch or dinner. The Fritos Chicken Enchilada Melt. It’s served on flat bread with pulled chicken and an enchilada sauce. They then pile on a few handfuls of Fritos and cover it with cheddar cheese. After a quick spike of heat in their oven, I usually get it topped with lettuce, tomato, green pepper and olives. It’s really, really good and I can bet you one thing. Jarod does not include these on his diet routine. It’s good, and looks like it’s well over 1000 calories.

Tate Street Coffee House in Greensboro is having its annual Community Coffee Art Show in April and is looking for professional or amateur coffee-inspired art submissions. The theme of the show is coffee and works may be in any media as long as they can be hung. Submissions are limited to one work per person.

The piece judged “Best Art” will receive a $50 gift certificate and the piece judged “Most Creative Use of Coffee” snags a $25 gift certificate. Submissions must be in by April 1.

Call Tate Street Coffee House at 275- 2754 or send email to for more info.

There are two new limited time menu items coming out the Kernersville-based East Coast Wings and Grill. An East Coast Wing’s version of the New Orleans beignet, called Buffalo Binnies is a fried ball of dough, seasoned with cinnamon and served with your choice of five dipping sauces.

A second new item, Chicken n’ Waffles Napoleon, features a fried chicken breast, toasted waffles, onion rings and a choice of three dipping sauces. Sbarro (Sbarro Holdings Inc.) has closed 155 company-owned units in North America, but the Greensboro Four Seasons Town Center location will remain open. Good news for The Office star Michael Scott, who once proclaimed it his favorite, authentic, New York pizza joint.

Looking for an interesting new breakfast item? Taco Bell, which had been testing “First Meal” for some two years, will roll out their new Waffle Taco to all participating U.S. restaurants March 27. The Irvine, Calif.-based chain began offering breakfast in early 2012 as a soft test to about 750 locations in 10 states.

The Triad’s favorite Italian restaurant, Olive Garden, is rolling out artisanal pastas and some new toppings for its salads. Now customers can choose toppings ranging from roasted tomato capers to antipasti Italian meats and cheese. They now also offer “Cucina Mia” where customers can choose between several sauces and pastas and add meat toppings if they like. !