Congratulations to Dennis and Nancy Quaintance on the 25 th Anniversary of their Lucky 32 restaurant. They opened June 5, 1989 at 1421 Westover Terrace in Greensboro.

In an online post, Dennis wrote, “I’m somewhat startled that we’re still standing. I was (and am) worried that running a restaurant is sort of like throwing a party, and folk either don’t show up for it or don’t stay. Thank goodness enough came and stayed! Just because we’ve been around this long doesn’t mean that we think we have some sort of special standing.”

As far as where the name came from, Dennis wrote, “Why the name? My father, Laythol (L.W. or Shorty), raced a ‘46 Mercury with a flathead V8 on half-mile dirt tracks around northern Iowa and southern Minnesota. His number was 32. Over the years, and still today, when something good happens, I mutter, “Lucky 32.” Plus — I was thirty-two 25 years ago. (No need to do that math.)”

Southern Summer Supper with Nik Snacks

New Town Bistro is hosting a restaurant takeover that will be a prix fixe dinner Thursday, June 19 at 6:30 p.m. The title echoes the name of local private chef and blogger, Nikki Miller- Ka’s food blog, NikSnacks.

Guests will enjoy New Town Bistro’s updated décor during a cocktail hour and a five-course dinner of fresh local seasonal dishes, including chilled yellow tomato and creamy avocado cappuccino soup; crispy lavender chicken with Texas Pete honey sauce; and Miller-Ka’s award-winning strawberry red wine cream cheese brownie with vanilla bean ice cream.

Miller-Ka worked closely on the menu and in the kitchen with Chef Donny Smith, New Town Bistro’s chef for more than seven years. Smith said, “We wanted to go outside of the box and let Nikki and I play around with a fun menu that will hopefully get people talking about us.” said Chef Smith. “I think it’s awesome to be one of the first to do something like this around here. Hopefully this type of event will spark and lead to other guest chef events.”

New Town Bistro has been a Winston-Salem farm-to-fork favorite restaurant for 20 years. !