by Britt Chester

| @awfullybrittish

“If you hold abuse in, you get cut off from your emotions,” said Renee Minx, a 22-year old undergraduate student at UNCG. “You may cut-off the experience and deep sorrow for a little bit, but you also cut yourself off from happiness and love. I was at that point for sometime, but it’s not the way to live.”

At 22, Minx is on the verge of graduating from UNCG this coming winter, and is in the throws of an upstart organization that helps women deal with emotional, sexual and physical abuse. Her organization is called Bears Care Share, and the idea came to her when she began seriously confronting her own issues that she dealt with growing up.

“I would say that I’ve been dealing with my own abuse experience, trying to come to terms and deal with it, and in that, recognizing the signs in retrospect,” she said.

Minx herself is a victim of abuse, something she does not so much as brag about as she shares in the hopes of helping others confront and overcome their own emotional struggles. She will be celebrating 9 months of sobriety next week – a feat she attributes to dealing with her own past.

“I realized that there isn’t enough resources during abuse,” she adds. “I guess I just wanted to shine a little bit of light for people who have been through really traumatic events.”

Bears Share Care, in its infancy, is an organization bred from Minx’s own relatable experiences. Her goal is to raise enough money, roughly $4,000, to purchase a bulk order of teddy bears embroidered with the phrase “You Are Not Alone.” This bear will go in a package containing pamphlets about abuse and shelters in the area, as well as statistics and a personal letter from her talking about her experience.

“It’s helping me heal, and it’s helping others heal,” she said. In the development of her organization, she came up with an acronym for “BEAR.” The B stands for “body,” and is meant to remind you to think about how you are physically feeling at the moment. The E stands for “emotions,” and is meant to help you check your emotions: What are you feeling at this moment? The A is for “attitude,” and the R, what Minx thinks to be the hardest and most important, is for remembering.

“I have nightmares and PTSD from my abuse,” she admitted. “I would block it out, self-medicate, or do what I needed to do to forget.”

It was in these dark moments that Minx began to look at her life and realize that she wanted to change. She felt she needed to face what happened in order to move on. This was the moment she got sober.

Minx was born in Arizona before her family relocated to Missouri. She lived there until around the year 2000 when her family moved to Greensboro, where she has been ever since. In her high school years, she excelled at soccer – an activity she found not to be so much her passion as it was her parent’s – but didn’t really buckle down on school until she went to college. For high school, she attended both Western Guilford and Northwest Guilford for two years each. After graduating from UNCG this coming fall, she has intentions to attend either Wake Forest University or UNCG in order to get her master’s degree in counseling. !



Renee Minx’s Bears Share Care is currently seeking funding through the popular crowdsource website You can learn more about her organization at GoFundMe.Com/ShareCareBear.