by Lenise Willis

The Best Place for Unique BuysThere isn’t a snowflake in sight and yet, to me, it’s most definitely the most wonderful time of the year. That’s because Twin City Stage is having their annual costume-shop sale on Saturday and it’s truly, in my opinion, the best place in the Triad to find unique pieces for your Halloween and party stash.

If you read my column around this time last year, you know that two years ago I found a wonderful collection of fancy fasteners and women’s hats styled after the 30s and 40s. I showcased them here in a print fashion show.

Last year, I found my most prized item in my dress-up collection: a white beaded threw an entire party this past December just so gown. And, yes, I threw an entire party this past December just so I had a reason to wear it. The theme was a glamorous red-carpet party and not only did it make me feel like a superstar on my birthday, but it also gave all of my friends a chance to show off their own swag. Needless to say, it was a blast, and I never would have gotten the idea had I not been inspired by the theater’s costume sale.

I also wore the dress for Halloween and went as a diamond. My boyfriend went as a coal miner and kept apologizing to everyone for me seeming stressed. “She’s just been under a lot of pressure,” he said. Get it?

Anyway, my point is that some of my favorite events and special memories are bi-products of my annual unique finds. I encourage all of you to step outside of your box, visit the theater’s sale and release your inner kid. You might find just the dress or Halloween costume you were looking for, or find something unexpected that’ll challenge you to host your own event.

The sale includes an assortment of accessories, including hats, some jewelry and broaches, as well as tops and short and long dresses. For the guys, there’s also a great selection of ties, fedoras and even suit jackets. Items are typically priced from $1-$40.

Last year, I got my white beaded ball gown and a black fur stole for only $15.

The sale usually includes other items, too, that are being retired from the shop, such as props or even power tools. Last year, the theater sold about 10 power drills.

So if you’re looking for some good buys or just a one-of-a-kind dress (literally, since some were conceptualized and sewn by the costume shop itself), then check out Twin City Stage’s annual spring-cleaning sale. All of the money collected is fueled back into the theater in support of its productions. !


Twin City Stage’s annual costume-shop sale is on Saturday, May 16, from 9 a.m.–1 p.m. at the Arts Council Theatre, 610 Coliseum Drive, Winston-Salem. All are welcome. For more information call 748-0857 x205 or visit