by Ryan Snyder

triad dj profile

DJ handle: Steve-O

What it means: My name is Steven Collins, but everyone calls me Steve-O. Jeremais (my boss) was actually the one who gave me that nickname back in 2006 to figure out which Steve was which covering his show, since there were two of us at the time.

Real name: Steven Collins

What I play: It changes depending on the crowd, venue or of course requests. I tend to stick to the chart-toppers.

Catch me at: Buffalo Wild Wings on Tuesdays, Kickback Jacks on Wednesdays and Ham’s on Thursdays and Saturdays, all in Danville, Va.

Got in the game: My foray into DJing came during college at UNC. I was working at the student-run record label Vinyl Records UNC, and our in-house sound engineer had some Numark Direct Drive turntables and a mixer with a couple of records for sale. So I bought them, and the rest is history. Jeremais was looking to grow his new business and I noticed that he was in need of someone who could work the crowd like he could. I told him if he needed anyone that I would love to help and of course he gave me the chance, so here we are today. I feel very lucky to have trained under him and watched him throughout the years. I pretty much had a understanding of how he does things and what he expects so it was a pretty easy transition.

Why I do it: I currently work just for SoCal Entertainment because it allows me to be at home with my family more. I am getting married soon, and have a son named Tyler. He is 7 years old and my everything. I am a music person. Being able to listen to it all night long and watch my handiwork unfold makes me pretty damn happy. I love my job. I love the people I meet and come in contact with.

Influences: Jeremais de la Cruz, founder of SoCal Entertainment, is a great friend. He has been there for me in the worst times of my life and is here now as things get even better. He is a hell of a boss and I am proud as hell to be an employee of his. He is the Yoda to my Luke Skywalker.

First pro gig: After completing training, I was cut loose on my own in the fall of 2010. My first gig was actually at the place I first met Jeremias, Hams of Danville. It was an emergency fill. I was a little nervous at first, but everything went smooth.

Personal playlist: My personal playlist is rock, hard rock, metal, ’80s and old-school rap. A lot of my favorite bands are in these genres. I have though, banned “Freebird” from my playlist…. I had some dude sing “Freebird” three times one night. He was so wasted and truly believed the ladies wanted to hear it a third time.


I’d like to add: Follow me on Twitter @ TheSteveoShow or on facebook.