DJ handle: supastardjtzone(spelled exactly as is.All lowercase.)Real name: Tony TurnerOrigin: I started out tagging walls under themoniker “thetzone.” “Supastar” was addedbecause I would see and hear rave DJs in themid to late ’90s who sometimes used “super”or “super star DJ” as a prefix and superstar DJhad more of a feel than just DJ.What I play: When you come to a show,there’s no telling what you might hear. I’macross the board from hip-hop to classicalto jazz to rock, all with a hip-hop slant. Ifthere’s a groove, you’ll groove.Catch me at: I hosted Attack of the KillahB-Sides and later the Industry ShakedownSunday nights on 90.9 WQFS from 1998to 2002, then held residency at the BlindTiger from 2000 to 2004 and the NextDoor Tavern from 2003-2004. Now I performjust by request.Got in the game: My father once told me Iscratched my first record as a toddler on hisplayer, then I got into DJing around age 13.Why I do it: It’s all in the spirit of hip hop. Ican’t rap, but I was a B-boy, grafwriter andmade beats. The next step was to become aDJ. I was collecting records and I was alwaysfascinated by how records and songs can bemanipulated live. To me, it’s more than justscratching to a beat. It’s the culture.Influences: DJ Kid Capri, 52 Breakbeats is amasterpiece and his live shows are like being ata historical event; DJ Ron G, the master of theblend; DJ J-Rocc, he’s what DJing is all about;DJ Z-Trip, he makes all styles of music worktogether; Gilles Peterson, always has the freshestnew sounds; and DJ Dundee, who had thebiggest influence and was the best to me.First pro gig: Soul in the Hole in Miami 1996Favorite technique: blends, mash-upsand mixing.Personal playlist: golden era hip hop, deepand soulfulhouse, raregrooves andeverythingon BBC’s1xtra andBBC Radio OneFavorite albums: I’m a huge J Dilla fanso, of course, Donuts. Also, A Tribe CalledQuest — The Low-End Theory, DJ Rels —Theme For A Broken Soul, Derek B — BulletFrom A Gun, Portishead — Portishead,Maxwell — Urban Hang SuiteEquipment: Two Technics 1200s, Vestex PMC06 mixer and I’m currently learning SeratoWebsite: facebook under my birth name.,’d like to add: Check my MySpace page fortwo albums available for download and myYouTube channel for mixes.