Salem College protests HB2

by Pat Berryhill

About 40 Salem College students filed out of dorms, promptly, at noon. They carried signs, umbrellas, leaflets, and a bullhorn. The demonstration began with a line in front of the student center at noon where most of the student body and faculty convene for lunch. They marched in a circle around the center open sidewalk area and chanted carrying signs proclaiming, among other things, #HB2takesusbackto1772, the year Salem College was established by the Moravians. The movement then marched to the President’s home. Once it was determined that she was not there, they walked to the inspector’s house and chanted. They knocked and then taped the list of their demands upon the door. The inspector’s house is relevant because this is where students go to file grievances pertaining to sexual discrimination.A list of demands was also taped to Susan Calovini’s door, the Dean of College/VP Academic & Student Affairs. Other copies of the list were passed out to the student body and members of the public as the group walked back to the Student Center, chanting along the way. They received no response from any of the staff, the president or board members during the demonstration and chose to disperse shortly after it was evident there would be no immediate reply. It is unknown at this time if there will be any further action taken, but the group is tight knit and appears adamant about continued involvement in activism and taking a stance. Read more coverage of the protest in this week’s YES! Weekly. Photo gallery on our Facebook page.