Sarah Griffin

by Ryan Snyder

Name: Sarah Griffin

Catch me on: WUAG 103.1 FM or on the internet at

Show title: “GROW” (Greensboro Radio Outlook on the World)

Show time: Wednesdays 7-9 p.m.

Request line: 336.334.5450

What I play: “GROW” is a weekly radio news show that focuses on Greensboro and UNCG news. I interview Greensboro community members as well as students and faculty from UNCG. When I’m taking a break from the news, I usually play Americana.

Bands you’ll hear: Avett Brothers, Ryan Adams, Buddy & Julie Miller. Holy Ghost Tent Revival played live on the show a couple weeks ago.

Why I play it: I’m focusing on local news because there aren’t all that many Greensboro news outlets and I think that this area’s students have a lot they can add to the conversation, given the opportunity. WUAG has a tradition of serving the Greensboro and UNCG communities and GROW is just one more way we hope to do that.

A good starter album: Buddy & Julie Miller — Written in Chalk

Favorite thing about being a DJ: Interviewing people. My favorite thing is listening to people talk about things that they’re really passionate about — I can’t help but get excited too.

How I got started: After a seriously misguided foray into sorority life, I decided that the Greek scene wasn’t really for me. I decided to be a DJ instead and now I’m the news director at WUAG. Everything worked out.

Length of service: A year and a half.

Favorite bands: Buddy & Julie Miller, Holy Ghost Tent Revival, God Help the Girl, Love As Laughter

I’d like to add: City council elections are coming up soon and I’m really hoping to get people interested enough to go out and vote. The voter turnout for local elections is usually really low and one vote can make all the difference. I hope to have candidates on GROW in the upcoming weeks to discuss their ideas for improving the city.

Website: Check out the Facebook group: “GROW” (Greensboro Radio Outlook on the World)