Scandal fatigue only reason Duh still in office

by Ogi Overman

I’d hoped to take a break from the grim job of chronicling this nation’s steady, unabated march toward Christio-Fascism – yes, that’s the word I meant to use – and write a feel-good story this week, but the feel-bad so greatly outweighs the feel-good that it’ll have to wait. Besides, if I get too far behind on the unending series of scandals, high crimes and misdemeanors of this administration/cabal it will be old news by the time I get my turn to pile on.

This was a particularly heavy week; before we could fully digest the ramifications of one scandal, news of another broke on its heels. Wham! The National Intelligence Estimate says that Iran shut down its nuclear program in 2003 but Bush (and now 9-11 Rudy) continues pounding the war drums. Double wham! CIA admits to destroying two tapes of “enhanced” interrogation and Bush trots out that little bimbo press flack who’d never heard of the Cuban missile crisis (honest, she admitted it on NPR last Friday. You couldn’t make this stuff up!) to inform us that the “president” has no recollection of ever having been briefed about it.

Yep, hard to fathom.

We’ve already forgotten about former flack Scott McClellan’s roundabout revelation that Bush was in on the Valerie Plame outing from day one. And that Blackwater thing, what was that about? Something about US mercenaries killing Iraqi civilians as the founder becomes a billionaire, while the guy supposed to be investigating them is on the board of trustees? It’s all too confusing, isn’t it? Life comes at you fast, says the commercial, but the Bushian scandals are in hyperspeed.

And, in a nutshell, that’s the problem. I’ve come to believe that this country is suffering from scandal fatigue. The sheer volume and weight of the daily grind, one after another, has inured us to their gravity. We’ve come to accept them as par for the course for this bunch and we’ve begun to tune them out. We expect so little of our so-called leaders that we just give an upturned-palm shrug, shake our heads and retreat into our mundane lives.

Boyhowdy, I’d love to write about my mundane life again, like I used to, back when I felt like I had a life. Or a country. But I am not one of the “we” referred to above. I’m not one of the ones able to take the Alfred E. Neuman approach. Damn it, I do worry.

I worry that a compliant press, a compliant Congress and a compliant public has let this most corrupt regime in history get away with literally hundreds of crimes, thousands of blunders and millions of lies. Can you imagine where, in a mere year, we’d be if the Democrats had not won both houses of Congress in ’06? And think where we could easily be in the last year that Bush has left (maybe) if he is left unchecked.

The man has already said that the fact that Iran has no “nucular” program need not preclude military action. His every action demonstrates that the will of the people has no bearing on his decisions. Ideology trumps reality every single time and facts that contradict his doctrinaire view are but minor inconveniences.

He said, “The United States does not torture,” and when the proof surfaced that made him a liar, he, or one of his sycophants, had it destroyed.

It is inconceivable that he could not have known that Cheney, Rove, Scooter, et. al. were leaking a covert CIA agent’s identity to their allies in the press. He said anyone leaking classified information would be fired, but instead bought the silence of the only one who got caught by pardoning him.

Oh, I forgot, that’s old news. And by next week the NIE and the CIA torture tapes will be but another sad memory, another old true story. There will be another to take their place in the continuum of disgrace. And then another and another.

If you care to put any of this in perspective (and really get depressed), Google “Hugh’s list.” I don’t know who Hugh is except that he’s obviously a patriot who loves what his country used to be. Hugh (and I’m assuming some colleagues) are keeping a running commentary of Bush scandals, updating them as they happen. (That’s why I presume there are several folks involved; there are simply too many for one human to keep track of.)

As of Dec. 2 the list numbered a cool 288. That’s two hundred and eighty-eight, brothers and sisters. And since it was last updated a full week ago it doesn’t include the NIE and CIA tape controversies.

And if you’re still not suicidal after that, click on You don’t even want to know… It’s even worse than you thought.

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