Science is everywhere at UNCG!

This Saturday, UNCG is turning its entire campus into one gigantic science lab, and the community is invited to participate.

The appropriately named “Science Everywhere” event will be held from 12noon until 4pm, and is free to the public.

Lynn Sametz and Matt Fisher of UNCG’s College of Arts and Sciences and School of Education respectively, appeared on my Triad Today television show recently to talk about this innovative community outreach initiative.

JL: Lynn, what is “Science Everywhere” ?

LS: “Science Everywhere” is a handson science event all over campus. We’ll have more than 70 activities, and everything is free and open to the public. It’s just a great way to celebrate science.

JL: So it’s not just something that happens under one roof?

LS: We will be spread out all over campus this year, from Foust Park, to the Coleman building, the McIver Parking Deck Lawn, the Sullivan building, and the School of Education building.

JL: To be clear, this is not just for UNCG students. You want families to come out too.

LS: Yes we want families to come. Last year we had children as young as three, all the way up to grandparents. It really is for anyone who wants to have a fun day on campus.

JL: Matt, how and why is the School of Education involved?

MF: There will be about 30 activities run by our School of Education pre-service teachers. So they’ve designated the activities, and they’ll run them for the public. A lot of them are inquiry activities. You come in, create something by a procedure, and you’re actually discovering while you’re doing it. We’ve had our UNCG students work with K-12 students to create everything from juke boxes to alarm systems. We also had some deaf and hard of hearing students who designed model homes.

According to the official “Science Everywhere” website, activities include the following:

Sensory Science for Students with Autism where kids learn about color and color mixing, as well as states of matter through various sensory activities (Coleman building).

Create Your Own Lava Lamp using everyday household items and a jar (Coleman building).

Poison Ivy Card Game teaches students to learn how to identify local plants (Coleman building).

Make Your Own Ice Cream, a great activity for the entire family (Foust building and Foust Park).

Playdough for Kids where students learn to make playdough from scratch, and then play with homemade clay (Foust building and Foust Park).

Homemade Water Filtration System made by students who then perform water quality tests on the filtered water (Foust building and Foust Park).

Turtle Sniffing Dogs will be on display for all to see. These Boykin Spaniels are trained to gently retrieve box turtles. They help conservationists count and monitor movements of the shelled creatures (McIver Parking Deck Lawn).

Planetarium Show is best suited for older children and adults. Only one show at 2pm (Petty building).

All Aboard the NanoBus which is a self contained learning laboratory designed to teach science through demonstrations and experiments. A great activity for everyone (Sullivan Science building).

DNA Fingerprinting where you’ll learn how to load, run, and analyze DNA gel. Also learn how DNA fingerprinting is used in the conservation of endangered species (Sullivan Science building).

Admission is free and no registration is required, although the first 1,000 families to arrive will receive a tote bag, and the first 1,000 children get a free T-shirt.

Shuttles will leave from the parking deck every fifteen minutes. In case of rain, activities will be moved to the Sullivan lobby, the Coleman building, and the School of Education building. The UNCG dining hall and the Elliott Center food court will be open throughout the afternoon. For more information, visit www. or www. “Science Everywhere” is an afternoon of family fun and learning, courtesy of the good folks at UNCG. The University may not claim me, but community outreach events like this make me proud to be a Spartan !

– J. Longworth, class of ‘76 !

JIM LONGWORTH is the host of “Triad Today,” airing on Saturdays at 7:30 a.m. on ABC45 (cable channel 7) and Sundays at 11 a.m. on WMYV (cable channel 15).