Sciworks to hold first ever repair fair

by Daniel Schere

Sciworks in Winston-Salem will be holding their first everrepair fair from 1pm until 5pm Saturday. Visitors will be able to bring initems that are broken and will receive training on how to eaily fix them.Sciworks director Paul Kortenaar said the event is supposed to be instructionalas much as it is practical.

“The idea is to help these people do these things for themselves,not just to offer a free repair service or something like that,” he said. “Sowe’re really trying to educate the public on how things work.”

Other than regular museum admission, there is no additionalcharge for the event. Kortenaar said he is not sure what people will bring butasks that people not bring anything with a small engine or a gas tank, such asa lawnmower.

“We have a couple people that might be able to help withcomputers and cell phones,” he said.

Kortenaar, originally from Canada, said he got the idea forthe concept from a similar repair workshop held at a library in Toronto.