Search warrant details alleged sexual misconduct by high school football booster in Reidsville

Investigators looking into allegations of sexual misconduct against a member of the football booster club at an area high school seized two cell phones and a computer during a search of her home and vehicle.

In the description of probable cause given when Reidsville police applied for a search warrant, detectives state that an anonymous tip to Crimestoppers came in on Aug. 25. The male caller said that a woman identified as Stacy Setliff “has been having oral sex with male students involved in football, baseball and basketball for years, and her husband just learned of this last week.”

The caller identified the couple as heads of the Touchdown Club football boosters program at Reidsville High School.

Later on Aug. 25, police spoke to two senior high students who gave details of the activity. The students told police that Setliff approached them on separate occasions “and enticed them to participate in sexual activity.” The students said they began having oral sex with Setliff in July of 2014.

Investigators claimed that Setliff sent the students “sexually explicit photographs and videos of herself.” Parents gave consent for police to download texts, photos, videos “and other content” from the boy’s cell phones.

“Evidence was recovered of sexually explicit photographs and videos, believed to be of the alleged perpetrator,” the court documents state.

Police applied for and executed a search warrant at 12:45 pm on Aug. 28. The warrant was issued by Superior Court Judge Ed Wilson and authorized the search of Setliff’s home at 1224 Richardson Drive, and of her 2008 Chevrolet Tahoe.

Police seized an iPhone 5 with a pink cover and a Blackberry with no battery or back cover from the Tahoe. An additional item seized is described as an “envelope containing Touchdown Club material.”

From the home police seized a Dell tower computer, three SD memory cards and a Sony, hand-held motion camera.

Police arrested Setliff after she turned herself in to authorities on Wednesday. She was charged with two misdemeanor counts of disseminating harmful material to minors and two felony counts of sexual activity with a student by school personnel other than a teacher, administrator, student teacher, coach or school safety officer.

Setliff was released from custody after posting a $40,000 bail.

School officials in Rockingham County released a statement late Wednesday that clarified Setliff’s role within the system. She was not an employee or official volunteer with the school in a capacity that falls under school board responsibility, the statement said. School officials stressed that Setliff was banned from all Rockingham County School’s facilities immediately after the allegations surfaced.