by Brian Clarey

Okay — it’s the Fourth of July, so you likely will have hot dogs and hamburgers in your system at some point over the next few days. This is good news for me because hot dogs and hamburgers figure prominently in the news for the Triad’s culinary scene, sparse though it may be.

On the hot dog front, the Red Onion in downtown Greensboro is closing. The gourmet hot-doggery that grew from a street pushcart offered fantastic variations on the humble tubesteak. The space has seen much turnover since it was the Next Door Tavern, first becoming Bar Fry and then the Center City Café. Surely some other restaurant will move in before the summer heat dissipates.

In burger news, Greensboro restaurateur Marty Kotis is planning yet another new concept, this one to be named Burger Warfare, a take on the fast-food wars of the 1980s. Kotis also has a British-style pub and a microbrewery in the works for the Gate City.

Meanwhile his current restaurant, Darryl’s, unleashes a special Independence Day menu that runs through Sunday, including Hard Rock Tots, sliders, the Egghead Burger (yes, it has an egg on it) and a Foghorn Leghorn Salad that features grilled chicken — wonder what Foghorn would have to say about that….

Over in Winston-Salem, Krankies Coffee debuts a new roast. Ethiopia Yirgacheffe is a washed African coffee that, according to the website, is “sweet and floral with notes of peach, citrus, and a coconut-custard-like finish.”

Man, I want some of that coffee. On Wednesday. The Grove Winery holds an Independence Day celebration with GT Sumerlin beginning at noon.

Then it’s backyard barbecue time. Try to drink plenty of fluids.

On Saturday, the Dixie Classic Farmers Market holds a blueberry baking contest beginning at 10 a.m. featuring jams, jellies and baked goods. For more information go to

Room for one more? The citizens of Bethel, Alaska were dismayed to learn that news of a new Taco Bell planned for their town was a hoax. So on Sunday, Taco Bell’s corporate overlords flew 10,000 Doritos Locos tacos into town by helicopter. Orange fingers for everybody!