Seth Oldham

by Brian Clarey

The old Southern Railway roundhouse on Spring Garden Street has seen better days. Once a thrumming beehive of rail activity, the curved roundhouse and its outbuildings have had most of their windows bashed out and detritus has collected on the dusty brick floors. Stylized graffiti covers the bricks and weeds are starting to reclaim the structures. It’s one of the coolest places in town, and where we chose to shoot this week’s Page Three model, Seth Oldham, the 21-year-old drummer for the Greensboro-based band S. Burns (next scheduled gig Feb. 23 at Solaris). Seth’s a local boy, part of Northwest High School’s Class of ’02 and currently a freshman at UNCG. It’s been kind of a rough winter so far ‘— Seth recently got laid off his job at a tie-dyeing company owned by his cousin. But he has attained one long-term goal recently: his dreads have finally come in. ‘“I got to the point a couple of months ago where I can tie ’em back with one of the dreads,’” he says. ‘“It’s pretty sweet.’”