Shootings in Glenwood area under investigation

by Ben Holder

Police recovered 26 9mm shell casings from this home on Lovett Street in the Glenwood area.
Photo by Ben Holder

Between December 8, 2014 and January 12, 2015, the Greensboro Police Department has reported 41 incidents from the Glenwood neighborhood. The incidents include shootings, fights, residential burglaries, narcotic violations, vandalism, auto theft and gang activity.According to police reports, a man named Jack Owen was arrested and charged with assault after he allegedly beat his landlord with a baseball bat after the two argued over the noise Owen was making. The assault took place in the 1100 block of Glenwood Avenue. Another incident reported a female was shot at least two times after a fight broke out at a party in the 1000 block of Gregory Street. Police report that a party was being held at a residence when several males began fighting. The fight initially took place inside the residence but ultimately spilled into the front yard. According to police, once the fight was outside, someone fired several shots into the house. The police continue to investigate the matter and no arrests have been made.More gun shots were fired at another party. A party held in the 1500 block of Oak Street turned violent when guests became unruly after being asked to leave. This time, only a car was hit by the gun fire.Gunshots were also reported after several shots were fired at the Great Stops on West Lee Street. The shooter allegedly drove through the Great Stops parking lot and fired multiple shots at the air pump machine while someone was using it. The shooter and the victim both left the scene before police arrived. Glenwood even had a shooting on Christmas Eve around 10:45pm. Police responded to 1024 Gregory Street after receiving reports of an assault. One victim was found with gunshot wounds. No suspect information was given.Less than a week later, another shooting took place in Glenwood a little over one mile from the Christmas Eve shooting. This time the home located at 1574 Lovett Street was shot at two times in a 15 hour period and police recovered 26 9mm shell casings from the driveway. The reports show no one was injured during the shooting. Police believe the shooting was gang related.Police reports show another gang related shooting took place less than 3 miles from the Lovett Street location on November, 23, 2014. The incident took place at 3049 High Point Rd, according to police. Shootings haven’t been the police’s only concern in Glenwood. Almost a dozen Glenwood residences have reported burglaries during this same 35 day period. Portland Street, Glenwood Avenue, S. Aycock Street, Lovett Street, McCormick Street, Midway Street, Willomore Street, W. Florida Street and Lexington Avenue have all reported burglaries. Computers, jewelry, handguns and cars have all been reported stolen during these incidences.