Shout outs

by Eric Ginsburg

Shout out to whoever wrote, “A troll lives here” under the underpass on Tate Street. Shout out to State Street for its really out of place and somewhat endearing architecture. Shout out to anyone who remembers what used to happen on Commerce Street decades ago.

Shout out to the fact that there’s a restaurant called Whataburger here. To the spear sticking into the sky that says “REVOLUTION,” the castle-shaped hair salon called Castle of Styles and to the Red Wings of Greensboro.

Shout out to Crazy Ribman’s for discovering fried riblets on YouTube and bringing them to his stand at a gas station on Bessemer. Shout out to the fried riblets for being so terrible for me but remaining the object of my desire.

Shout out to everyone who gets paid under the table during the High Point Furniture Market, or any time of the year, and to all the people who have to drive to work without a license because bureaucracy and xenophobia are in the way.

Shout out to everyone that has to listen to the same radio station every day at work, and to everyone who earnestly listens to the Backstreet Boys.

Shout to the people who daydream about what they’ll say when they quit, and to the people who have been written up because their superior was covering his ass.

Shout out to everyone who rolled their eyes when I told them the city passed a teen curfew again. And to the kids who skate even though the city refuses to build a skate park for them.

To my friends who have moved away and had the courage to admit that it didn’t work out, especially the ones I’m glad to welcome back to Greensboro. Shout out to the ones who stay and fight instead of ceding the South.

To George Hartzman, Roch Smith and Billy the Blogging Poet for not giving a damn what anyone thinks and for consistently pushing the city and media, often on who knows what but usually on the theme of greater transparency.

And to anyone who is up at 5 a.m. to get their kids to school, to go work or who is that committed to exercising. Shout out to everyone who woke up hungover this morning or who already slept through their alarm twice this week.

Shout out to Brian for always starts editorial meetings with, “Whatcha got cooking for Dirt?” and to Katie’s receptionist skills: “Eric, it’s a man on line one for you.”

To anyone who paid $5 just to watch Southeast High’s softball team last season. Shout out to the parents who waited in their cars, maybe because that cost adds up.

Shout out to all the teachers like my mom who have paid for basic school supplies for their students because our society loves to pay lip service to education and is overly focused on standardized tests and slashing budgets. To everyone who decided not to go to college because it isn’t for everyone and financial aid debt is downplayed on the front end. Shout out to everyone who worked their way through school.

To that time Alyzza rented a bounce castle with a waterslide and to the tunnel under the tree in Fisher Park. Shout out to Jarf, Barf, Lambchop, Charles, Huffy, Puffy and Bubby.

Shout out to $3 mimosas at Fisher’s, the secret Fincastles menu item, that vegan chicken potpie on Christmas, brunch at Lucky 32 and to anyone who knows that barbecue here is better than in Texas.

Shout out to the Historic Anarchist District and 2 Art Chicks. To PICNIC, the Hair Do Project, Amplifier zine and (Ne)Gate City. Shout out to the person with the “BLAKSBTH” license plate and the people living in homeless camps.

Shout out to my neighbors in Winston-Salem past and present, from Local 22 to the FLOC.

To everyone who insists that those heroes are the A&T Four (and not the Greensboro Four) and to the titans Nelson Johnson and Larry Little.

Shout out to Darryl Hunt, Lamonte Armstrong, Greg Taylor and the nameless others. To all the kids who will have to video-chat with their parents at the Guilford County Jail because it is allegedly safer than letting them talk directly through a phone and glass. Shout out to the Latin Kings who were railroaded and to the white liberals who couldn’t understand that these men should be their brothers.

To the fact that the civil rights museum ignores history it finds distasteful like the Greensboro Massacre but still includes Fred Hampton. Shout out to the opportunists who opposed the museum but now want to use it to market the city, though they won’t support it financially.

Shout out to the Guilford County Board of Elections employees who are the most friendly, knowledgeable and helpful folks around. And to a register of deeds willing to take on the banks.

Shout out to you for missing many of these references but reading anyway and to you for still reading a newspaper in 2013.

Shout out to me for holding your attention. Shout out to Greensboro, my home.