Sixty Eight Seasons

by Heather MacIntyre

Sixty Eight Seasons


“A woman, somewhat intoxicated, grabs the microphone and starts chanting ‘Sixty Eight Months! Sixty Eight Months!’ to the crowd. The first few times it was funny… but after the seventh or eighth time, we had to kindly let her know that it was not the name of our band.” — Buck Saunders

There’s nothing like being one of the good ol’ boys, growing up from high school to adulthood, jamming out and playing music after school until your fingers bleed. Sounds like a movie, doesn’t it? This is true life for this Greensboro-based, Southern-alternative rock quartet. But they no longer have to stop practicing when their parents call them in for dinner; they’ve all grown up. Brothers Buck and Timmy Saunders grew up around the same area as John Hawthorne, in Randleman. Though bassist Rhob Elliot didn’t join in the crew until last year, he’s fit in with the founding members just fine. So what sparked this musical interest? Where did they learn it all? Buck and John grew up teaching each other; Elliot graduated from Berklee College of Music in Boston, and Timmy… well, he claims he learned simply by watching Tommy Lee. Altogether, they’re Sixty Eight Seasons. When they first started rehearsing in December ’07, they joked about how long guitarist/lead vocalist Buck Saunders had been writing songs. “We figured seventeen years, times four seasons a year, was about sixty eight seasons,” laughs Hawthorne, “Although it’s like seventy now, but sixty eight just stuck.” Though Saunders writes most of the lyrics and music, from here on you’ll notice a more collaborative effort. The songs are based on themes of life choices, ins and outs, ups and downs and everything else relatable in between. Today, they’re in the Sunset Recording Studio, intricately arranging their tunes for their first album, to be released this fall. The 24-track commercial studio, located in Asheboro, is conveniently co-owned by Elliot, and their soundman, Wes Norman (Interested in recording? Contact them: 336.629.7111). Following their release, they plan on booking a regional tour from Virginia to South Carolina, out to Tennessee. But life on the road isn’t the main goal for these family men, as they’ve got wives and children to look out for here at home in the Triad. Their music has been compared to the likes of Matchbox 20 and Dave Matthews by local fans, except when they occasionally perform as a ’90s alternative rock cover band (they talk about future plans to possibly take this further). Keep yourself updated at their myspace page, and look out for possible posts of their upcoming EP tracks; they’re on the way.