Skip Lilly

by Brian Clarey

Man, it’s hot out there. Way too hot for any type of strenuous outdoor activity like cutting the lawn or playing tennis, in our humble opinion. But these dog days are perfect for sitting outside at sunset with one of those icy umbrella drinks and chilling to the sounds of this week’s Page Three fella, Skip Lilly, who as his alter ego Steel Daddy plays Caribbean-style classics and originals on his steel drum in some of the Triad’s coolest venues. We’ve got him here on the deck outside Ham’s Lakeside, where he’s scheduled to begin gigging any day now. He’s trained with Ellie Mannette, the Trinidadian inventor of the 55-gallon steel drum, and played with Jimmy Buffett’s steel player, but Lilly does more than just whack the steel ‘— he’s got his own human resources business and is active in community groups like the Greensboro Chamber of Commerce and the Crescent Rotary. He’s also getting his MBA from UNCG. But Lilly’s heart lies in the islands. And also on his website,