Slappy’s Chicken Opens in Washington Park

by Kristi Maier

Why did the chicken cross the road? To dive into Slappy sauce!

Slappy’s Chicken opened last week on Acadia Avenue in the formerAcadia Grill location. Slappy’s is so brand new, it doesn’t even have a signyet. It’s a hot chicken joint. But not Nashville hot. Slappy’s hot. And it isoutstanding.

Owner Scott Brambleburg and his wife used to own a restaurant inBrevard before returning to Winston-Salem, where he perfected his recipe, whichis a mixture of heat, spice and a touch of sweet.

“I’ve been working on this recipe for several years now with thehopes of opening up a place,” he says. “And what we have here is a great set upbecause it’s like a food truck, but it’s an actual restaurant.”

Plus, it’s super quick. We had our food in front of us in lessthan five minutes. It was seriously “slap your mama” good. A steady stream ofcustomers kept coming through the door right up until closing. Brambleburg saidtraffic has been brisk since opening last week. “It’s been awesome. And it’smostly my friends coming in and then spreading the word on social media.”

Slappys owner Scott Brambleburg

We expect the word to get out pretty quickly and this place maysoon have a line out the door.

So go check them out so you can say how you discovered thembefore they got so popular.

Props to Jordan Keiper of Tavern In Old Salem for theinspiration for the headline!

Wanna go? Slappy’s is located at 200 W Acadia Avenue,Winston-Salem; Open Monday-Saturday 11:00-8:00pm.